PHYSICS - Current Electricity - T/F

You must have a complete circuit for current to flow
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Parallel circuits have only one path.FThe current always travels from the negative electrode to the positive electrode.FIn order to make a flashlight bulb light up, all you need to do is to run a wire from the positive terminal of a flashlight battery to the center of the bulb's base.FWhen resistors are arranged in parallel, their overall resistance is less than that of the smallest resistor.TLight bulbs connected in series, all carry the same current, regardless of their resistancesTIn a series circuit, the total voltage drop across a series of resistors is the sum of voltage drops across each individual resistorTIn a parallel circuit, current in each branch is the sameTA fuse or circuit breaker used in a circuit is usually inserted in parallelFWhen one lightbulb in a series circuit containing several light bulbs burns out none of the other lightbulbs will light upTWhen one light bulb in a parallel circuit containing several lightbulbs burns out none of the other lightbulbs will light upF