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8th Grade- The United States and World War I


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triple alliance is also known as the...
central powers
triple entente is also known as the...
Who was part of the "triple alliance"?
Austria- Hungary
Who was part of the "triple entente"?
Which country moved to the "triple entente" by the end of the war?
What does the acronym "MAIN" stand for?
M- militarism
A- alliance
I- imperialism
N- nationalism
the belief that a nation's status in the world depends on the size and strength of it's armed forces
Until what year was the U.S. neutral?
What was the trade between the U.S. and Germany in 1914?
$345 million
What was the trade between the U.S. and Germany in 1916?
$29 million
What slogan was used throughout the war?
"He kept us out of war"
always one-sided; it's goal is to persuade people
German submarine warfare
Enlist poster
Lusitania- 1915- How many people died?
1,200 people
Lusitania- 1915- How many Americans died?
128 Americans
What steamer did Germany attack during the submarine warfare?
French steamer, the "Sussex"
Sussex pledge settled that Germany would...
- no longer sink passenger liners and unarmed merchant vessels without warning
- allies would no longer violate international law with their blockade
What year was the road to U.S. involvement?
When did Germany announce Unrestricted Submarine Warfare?
February 1, 1917
How many U.S. merchant ships were sunk by Germans?

What month and year?
4 U.S. merchant ships

March, 1917
True or false: Bolsheviks were communists.
Year and month the U.S. entered World War I
April, 1917
When did Congress pass the Selective Service Act?
May, 1917
What did the Selective Service Act establish?
A draft; all males between 18 and 45 had to register.
How many Americans served in the armed forces? How many of them were draftees?
4.8 million Americans served; 2.8 million were draftees
Who was France's leader?
General John J. Pershing
How many men did the U.S. lose in combat?
They lost 51, 000 men in combat
True or false: During mobilizing the economy, government takes greater control.
Who was the head of the War Industries Board?
Industrialist- Bernard Baruch
Who was the head of the Food Administration?
Herbert Hoover
What percent of male workers entered the military?
16% of male workers