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  1. valence electron
  2. asexual reproduction
  3. compound
  4. concentration
  5. electron
  1. a negatively charged subatomic particle that circles the nucleus of an atom
  2. b amount of solute in the solute;
    symbol - [ ] ex. [water]
  3. c outermost electron on an atom
  4. d process by which a single parent reproduces by itself
  5. e substance formed when atoms bond

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  1. attraction between molecules of different substances
  2. neutrally charged subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom
  3. attraction between molecules of the same substance
  4. 1 or 2 letter(s) (1st capital, 2nd lowercase) used to represent the element (ex: C=carbon)
  5. 1. made of cells
    2. have universal genetic code (DNA/RNA)
    3. maintain stable internal environment (homeostasis)
    4. change over time as a species (evolve)
    5. reproduce as a species (sexual & asexual reproduction)
    6. respond to environment (stimulus)
    7. obtain & use materials and energy (metabolism)
    8. grow & develop

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  1. protonneutrally charged subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom


  2. covalent bondbond created by the weak attraction of a slightly positive hydrogen atom to a slightly negative portion of another molecule


  3. elementpure substance made of only one kind of atom


  4. homeostasismaintain stable internal environment


  5. atomcharged atom


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