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  1. ionic bond
  2. solvent
  3. sexual reproduction
  4. compound
  5. atom
  1. a basic unit of matter - made of 3 subatomic particles
  2. b the attractive force between two ions of opposite charge
  3. c substance formed when atoms bond
  4. d process in which genetic material from two parents combines and produces offspring that differ genetically from either parent
  5. e substance (usually water) that dissolves a solute

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  1. pure substance made of only one kind of atom
  2. amount of solute in the solute;
    symbol - [ ] ex. [water]
  3. outermost electron on an atom
  4. attraction between molecules of the same substance
  5. maintain stable internal environment

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  1. asexual reproductionprocess by which a single parent reproduces by itself


  2. protonbasic unit of matter - made of 3 subatomic particles


  3. solutionmixture with parts evenly distributed


  4. solutemixture with parts evenly distributed


  5. electronnegatively charged subatomic particle that circles the nucleus of an atom