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  1. cohesion
  2. concentration
  3. atom
  4. What are the 8 characteristics of living organisms?
  5. ion
  1. a amount of solute in the solute;
    symbol - [ ] ex. [water]
  2. b 1. made of cells
    2. have universal genetic code (DNA/RNA)
    3. maintain stable internal environment (homeostasis)
    4. change over time as a species (evolve)
    5. reproduce as a species (sexual & asexual reproduction)
    6. respond to environment (stimulus)
    7. obtain & use materials and energy (metabolism)
    8. grow & develop
  3. c basic unit of matter - made of 3 subatomic particles
  4. d attraction between molecules of the same substance
  5. e charged atom

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  1. mixture with parts evenly distributed
  2. outermost electron on an atom
  3. substance dissolved in the solvent
  4. bond created by the weak attraction of a slightly positive hydrogen atom to a slightly negative portion of another molecule
  5. process in which genetic material from two parents combines and produces offspring that differ genetically from either parent

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  1. nucleus of atomcenter of atom, contains protons and neutrons


  2. elementpure substance made of only one kind of atom


  3. chemical bondthe force that holds two atoms together


  4. ionic bondthe attractive force between two ions of opposite charge


  5. protonpositively charged subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom


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