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  1. Cut A Rug
  2. Be-Bop
  3. O.S.S
  4. In The Grove
  5. G.I.
  1. a short for the office of strategic services, a for runner of the C.I.A.
  2. b Dance up a storm
  3. c carried away by music
  4. d a new jazz form introduced by black musicians in the early 1940's Popularized by performers such as Dizzy Gillispie , this style of music had more complex rhythms than swing and developed separately from swing
  5. e Means Government Issue ,but the initials also stand for enlisted personnel G.I."Joe."

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  1. where dance partners separated and improvised steps
  2. after the attack on Pearl Harbor,fear of an other attack on the mainland led to the formation of the office of Civil Defense. By 1934' nine million civilian volunteers were serving as spotters scanning the skies for enemy aircraft' and as air-raid wardens checking to see that all houses were blacked out when air-raid sirens sounded . Coastal cities were dark at night . Fear of attack by submarines or planes led city leaders to order building lights turned off.
  3. musicians
  4. a mischievous goblin who supposedly caused military equipment to malfunction
  5. A fast jitterbug

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  1. JitterbugDance up a storm


  2. DollyA fast jitterbug


  3. Glamour Girla bomber crew member who uses the bombsight and releases the bombs


  4. Axisthe nations which fought against the United States of America and the other allied nations


  5. Flip SideA fast jitterbug


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