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  1. Moppin' up a ten cent pop
  2. Bombardier
  3. O.S.S
  4. Eight To The Bar
  5. Hubba-Hubba
  1. a short for the office of strategic services, a for runner of the C.I.A.
  2. b drinking soda pop that only cost a dime at that time
  3. c a bomber crew member who uses the bombsight and releases the bombs
  4. d An exclamation of approval especially when referring to someone of the opposite sex
  5. e eight eighth notes to a measure. commonly used in swing music

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  1. Means Government Issue ,but the initials also stand for enlisted personnel G.I."Joe."
  2. carried away by music
  3. the nations which fought against the United States of America and the other allied nations
  4. a mischievous goblin who supposedly caused military equipment to malfunction
  5. where dance partners separated and improvised steps

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  1. Be-Bopgood,cool,hip,etc.


  2. catsshort for civilian defense, a volunteer organization of air raid wardens, ham radio poerators and the like.


  3. Dollyan attractive girl


  4. JitterbugDance up a storm


  5. A Dishan attractive girl