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The Hundred Years' War, The Black Death, and Joan of Arc

The Hundred Years' War, The Black Death, and Joan of Arc.
Edward III started the Hundred Years' War.
Who started the Hundred Years' War?
The English proved the superiority of the English longbow to the French crossbow.
What did the English prove during the war?
The height of the English success was the victory of King Henry V at Agincourt in 1415.
What was the height of the English success?
The battle at Agincourt caused the King of France to sign a peace treaty with Henry V.
What did the battle at Agincourt cause?
The peace treaty made King Henry V become Regent of France.
What did the peace treaty the King of France signed make happen?
The Hundred Years' War started because of the English king's claim to the French throne.
Why did the Hundred Years' War start?
Henry V married Katherine, the King of France's daughter.
Who did Henry V marry?
The English won the most battles.
Who won the most battles?
The French won the Hundred Years' War.
Who won the Hundred Years' War?
The French achieved final victory at Castillion in 1453 A.D.
Where did the French achieve final victory at?
The Black Death happened during the Hundred Years' War, from 1348-1350 A.D.
When did the Black Death happen?
It is estimated that as many as half the people of Europe died from the Black Death.
How many people died of the Black Death?
Joan of Arc was a peasant girl from Domremy.
Who was Joan of Arc?
Joan of Arc claimed to have had visions of the Archangel Michael, St. Margaret and St. Catherine.
What did Joan of Arc claim?
She was told to rescue France from the English.
What happened in Joan of Arc's visions?
Joan of Arc went into battle dressed as a knight.
How did Joan of Arc dress when she went to battle?
Joan of Arc led the French in their reconquest of Orleans in 1429 A.D.
When and where Did Joan of Arc lead the French in their reconquest?
Joan of Arc ensured the coronation of King Charles VII of France.
Who did Joan of Arc ensure the coronation of?
Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English.
Who captured Joan of Arc? What did they do to her?
The English burned her at the stake for witchcraft.
How did Joan of Arc die?