AP Bio Exam (Chapter 1)

A scientific hypothesis is
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1. deals with the natural world, which can be detected, observed, and measured
2.Is based on evidence from observation and/or experiments
3. is a self-correcting endeavor
NO" science is restricted to seeking natural causes to explain the workings of our world. No morals, no god or supernatural beings.
(4/5: is subject to independent validation and peer review, is open to challenge by anyone at any time on the basis of evidence.)
Correlation means that two or more aspects of the natural world behave in an interrelated manner: if one variable shows a part. value, we can predict a part. value for the other. DOES NOT MEAN (necessarily) that oen is caused by the other
EX: incidence of skin cancer has gone up since 50s after sunscreen was introduced.
-cant say sunscreen causes cancer
-using sunscreen wrong, and made a false sense of security
Observation: some of the lowest rates of heart disease are found amount communities that eat a lot of fish and seafood, like alaskans
Hypothesis: Fish oil in the diet reduces the risk of death from heart disease.
Experiment: Men who were diagnosed w heart disease were enrolled in a controlled exp. fish oil was the independent variable (treatment group received it)
What is a scientific fact? How is it different from a theory?Fact is a direct and repeatable observation of any aspect of physical world. Theory is a component of scientific knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed in diverse ways and its provisionally accepted by experts, stood the test of timeConsider a biological community that includes grasses, lions, sun-sunshine, wildebeest, and ticks, Identify producers and consumers, and arrange in chainProducers: grasses