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Understanding Criminal Case Procedure


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Preliminary Hearing
Court procedure to determine whether or not there's sufficient evidence against the accused to take the case to the grand jury.
A hearing at which a defendant enters his plea
Formal accusation returned by a grand jury
Probable Cause
A good reason a suspect has been involved in a crime
Challenge for cause
Challenge by a lawyer to remove a juror in which a reason must be stated
Peremptory Challenge
Challenge by a lawyer to remove a juror for which no reason is given.
Jury member who speaks for the body as a whole
Prosecuting attorney
Public official who represents the government's case against a person accused of a crime
Civil officer invested w/ power to hear civil and criminal cases brought to trial and to administer justice between parties in court
Defense attorney
Counsel employed to represent a defendant
Change of Venue
Motion that the location of a trial be moved from the locale where the crime was committed
Grand Jury
Panel which receives accusations of crimes, hears preliminary evidence, and hands down indictments.
Petit Jury
Group of unbiased persons who determine the facts in a given case.
Hung Jury
Jury which can't agree on a specific verdict
Money or property temporarily surrendered to the court by a defendant who is then released until trial.
Court order requiring a person to appear and testify in court.
Double Jeopardy
The retrial of a person who was judged not guilty of the crime in a previous trial.