7th grade: Energy test


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kinetic energy
energy an object has due to its motion (KE = 1/2 (mass) (velocity-squared)
potential energy
the energy an object has because of its position; also the internal stored energy of an object such as a battery
gravitational potential energy
the potential energy of an object that depends on the height of the object GPE=(mass)(height)
elastic potential energy
the potential energy of stretched or compressed objects
mechanical energy
kinetic or potential energy associated with the motion or position of an object
nuclear energy
potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
thermal energy
the total kinetic energy of all the particles of an object
electrical energy
energy of electric charges
electromagnetic energy
the energy of light and other forms of radiation that can travel through space as waves
chemical energy
energy stored in chemical bonds between atoms
energy transformation
a change from one form of energy to another; energy conversion
law of conservation of energy
the rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed
the ability to do work or cause change
the unit to measure work or energy
the rate at which energy is transferred
mechanical energy
Kinetic energy + potential energy
friction changes kinetic energy into _______________ energy
batteries and lightning are examples of ____________ energy
elastic potential
a stretched rubber band or a compressed spring has ______________ energy
ultraviolet, xrays, visible light, and microwaves are all ____________ energy
takes place in the sun to change nuclear energy to electromagnetic energy
process in nuclear power plants that splits atoms to release thermal energy
mass and velocity
two factors that affect an objects kinetic energy
height and weight
two factors that affect an objects gravitational potential energy
matches, natural gas, coal, and hand warmers are contain _____________ energy
fission and fusion both us ____________ energy
gravitational potential
a roller coaster at the top of a hill has ________________________