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  1. no comas chicle
  2. ayudame por favor
  3. como es pronuncia en espanol
  4. escucha
  5. mira la pizarra
  1. a listen
  2. b help me please
  3. c what is the pronunciation in spanish
  4. d don't chew gum
  5. e look at the board

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  1. can I go to the bathroom
  2. can I speak in english
  3. I am very thirsty
  4. do you have a question
  5. work in a group

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  1. puedo ir a la aguacan I go to the bathroom


  2. abre el libroclose a book


  3. sientatesit down


  4. preguntale un companeroraise your hand


  5. levanta la manoraise your hand


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