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Chapter 17 Hairstyling


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All thermal irons have how many basic parts?
A thickened styling preparation that is used to create a strong control is a
Hot rollers heated either electrically or with steam are used only on
dry hair
The technique of combing a small section of hair from the ends toward the scalp causing a cushion or base is known as:
The most commonly shaped base in pin curls is the arc base or:
With a flat iron with beveled edges, the edge of the iron farthest from the stylist is the:
outer edge
For volume and lift in a blowdry style, similar to a roller set, the recommended tool is a:
small round brush
A technique of keeping curly hair smooth and straight while maintaining a beautiful shape is:
hair wrapping
The panel of hair on which a roller is placed is referred to as the:
Variations in hair texture are determined by feel of the hair and:
diameter of the hair
To produce half-base curls, strong curls with moderate lift or volume, the hair is held at a:
90-degree angle
In a horizontal finger wave, waves are positioned sideways and:
parallel around the head
To avoid splits in the finished hairstyle, care must be taken in selecting and forming the curl:
Forcing hair between the thumb and the back of the comb to create tension is called:
The technique of backbrushing is also called:
The section of the pin curl between the base and the first arc that gives the curl direction and movement is the:
When the roller sits halfway on its base and halfway behind the base, which of the following results?
medium volume
Widely spaced teeth on a comb shape larger sections of hair and provide a:
more textured surface
When pressing short, fine hair, extra care must be taken:
at the hairline
Which of the following is part of a post-service procedure:
recommend products
To prevent discoloration or breakage when pressing gray hair, use:
moderate heat and light pressure
Smooth waves and uniform curls are produced by:
open-center curls
Liquid gels, which allow for easy styling, defining, and molding are also know as:
Skip waves are two rows of ridge curls used to create a:
strong wave pattern
The hair that is wrapped around a roller is the:
Wet hairstyling tools include all of the following EXCEPT:
hot rollers
A mist product that is used to hold styles and is the most widely used styling product is:
hair spray
A section of hair molded in a circular movement for the formation of curls is the:
Combs and picks are used with a blowdryer to:
part and distribute the hair
Indentation is the point where curls of opposite directions meet forming a:
recessed are
The part of the blow-dryer that helps produce a steady stem of air at the desired temperature is the:
temperature control switch
A method of waving and curling straight or pressed hair using irons is:
thermal curling
Cascade or stand-up pin curls are used to create:
height in the hair design
Brushes with large, flat bases and staggered pin patterns used for mid- to longer-lenght hair are:
paddle brushes
Applying a thermal comb twice through the hair on each side to remove maximum curl is a:
hard press
Pin curls placed immediately behind or below a ridge form a wave are called:
ridge curls
Thermal curls placed very high on their base to provide maximum lift are:
volume-base curls
The blowdryer attachment that causes the air to flow softly and accentuates or keeps the textural definition is the:
Which of the following is the third step in preparing for wet styling?
towel dry the hair
The three principal parts of a pin curl are the stem, circle, and:
A half-round, rubber-based brush used for smoothing and untangling all hair types is a:
classic styling brush
The process of temporarily straightening extremely curly hair using a heated iron or comb is:
hair pressing
In a pin curl, the size of the circle determines the:
width of the wave and its strength
The pin curl that produces a tight, firm, long-lasting curl and allows minimum mobility is the:
no-stem curl
To remove manufacturer polish from a new brass pressing comb,. it should be:
The technique of drying and styling the hair in one operation is :
blowdry styling
The correct temperature used for a thermal iron is determined by the:
texture of the hair
Finger waving is the process of shaping and directing the hair into a(n):
S pattern
A C-shape curl is formed by how many turns of hair around the roller
a pin curl should always begin at the:
open end
Pin curls sliced from a shaping without lifting the hair are:
carved curls
A thin nylon styling brush with a tail for sectioning and a narrow row of bristles is a:
teasing brush
When wrapping hair, very little volume is attained at the scalp provided that the hair:
is not lifted
The rolling movement in thermal iron styling should be done with no motion or sway in the
Updo hairstyles where the hair is arranged up and off the shoulders and secured with pins include:
A whipped styling product that resembles shaving foam and builds moderate body and volume is:
The terms clockwise and counterclockwise are used to describe pin curl: