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morally bad


to move unsteadily


strongly or heavily built


to look closely or curiously


number of people living in a region


to rub or touch lightly in passing


to show feeling of anger or disgust


to hunch up at the shoulders; to show doubt


different from usual or normal


very strong or bright


done with force or energy


to pass into or through


fact of being proud of one's looks or ability


[dated] a sitting room

What do we learn about the music?

Mae's music box.

What is the Tuck's secret?

They will live forever and not change because they drank the spring water.

Nine events that the Tucks told Winnie.

Jesse ate toadstools, Jesse fell out if the tree on his head, Mae cut herself cutting bread, the horse got shot and it didn't even leave a mark, cat died and didn't drink the water, Angus shot himself and didn't even get hurt, they weren't changing, they carved a T on the ash tree and it didn't change within many years, and Pa got a snake bite.

How do Jesse and Miles feel about the spring?

Jesse: Doesn't know if it's a blessing or a curse. Overall kind of happy to see new sights as the years go on. Miles: sad because his wife and kids left him.

Life like at Fosters vs. Tucks

Tucks: no rules, messy, vintage, middle of nowhere. Fosters: big, clean, nice, rules, gated in, maids, and in Treegap.

Why can't the Tucks stay in one place?

They didn't want their secret to be exposed. At the place they used to live, their friends thought they were weird because they weren't changing, so they left.

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