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Estoy loco por

I'm crazy about

Me la paso

I spend my time

Soy un fanatico de

I'm a big fan of

Soy un gran aficionado a

I'm a big fan of

Como quieras

Whatever (you want)

Me da igual

It's all the same to me

me da lo mismo

it's all the same to me

no me importa

it doesn't matter to me

estoy harto de

i am fed up with

me parece un rollo

it seems really boring to me

no me interesa para nada

it doesn't interest me at all

!Que` paliza!

what a drag


to go scuba diving

el buceo

scuba diving

la equitacion

horseback riding

la escalada deportiva

rock climbing

escalar montanas

to go mountain climbing

el esqui` acua`tico

water skiing

hacer esqui` acua`tico

to water- ski

el montanismo

mountain climbing

montar a caballo

to go horseback riding

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