Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


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a proposed law; Mr. Smith worked with Miss Saunders on a proposed law for a national boys camp. A proposed law is a ...
Jefferson Smith
Who did the governor's children want to be senator?
an action such as a long speech that obstructs the progress in a legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures
National Boy's Camp
What was Senator Jefferson Smith's bill for?
Daniel Webster
Former U.S. Senator who served two states (independently): New Hampshire and Massachusetts; famous orator; advocate of "The Second Party System"
Silver Knight
Senator Joseph Paine
"social media" of the early 20th century; tool for/of mass communication
Don Quixote
Senator Jefferson Smith
political corruption
Willit Creek
potential location for a national boy's camp; location for a dam built upon graft
Jim Taylor
a businessman and political party boss from the state; has a lot of power and influence in the state
Jefferson Smith
A simple, honest, patriotic man, who works with children and helps people in need; newly appointed senator
Joseph Paine
senior senator from the state; he is in intellectual conflict about doing the right thing and being influenced to do the wrong thing by Jim Taylor
Miss Saunders
assigned to help Senator Smith; "jaded" and disillusioned by what she has seen working in Washington, D.C.
Governor Huber "Happy" Hopper
Governor of the state in the movie; does whatever Jim Taylor tells him to do
Chick McGann
Jim Taylor's helper
Diz Moore
newspaper reporter who covers the Senate for his newspaper
coin flip
how the governor decided to appoint as the next senator
Horace Miller
part of the "Jim Taylor machine"; a political "yes" man
Clarissa Saunders
teaches Senator Smith the value of doing what is right for the sake and virtue of being honest
Susan Paine
keeps Senator Smith away from the Senate so that Sen. Smith will not hear the bill read that deals with the plan to build a dam on Willet Creek
What does Senator Paine accuse Senator Smith of doing?
Senator Paine accuses Senator Smith of owning all the land around Willet Creek and trying to sell the land back to the government; stealing money from the boys.