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Dar in all tenses w. double pronouns

This is a drill to familiarize yourself with dar in its most complex appearances... with two object pronouns and in various tenses. In "Learn" and "Test" modes, select "ignore spaces" and "stuff in parentheses." "You" is tú and "you all" is vosotros, unless otherwise indicated.
Let's give them (m) to him / her / them / you
Give it (m) to me. (tú)
Give it (f) to me. (Vd)
se las daría
she would give them (f) to them / you all
te lo daríamos
we would give it (m) to you (pres subjunctive)
os lo daré
I will give it (m) to you all
se la daremos
we will give it (f) to him / her / you
nos lo dará
he/she/you (Vd) will give it (m) to us
me lo dio
he/she/you (Vd) gave it (m) to me (pret)
se lo dieron
they gave it (m) to him / her / you (Vd) (pret.)
te la daba
I was giving it (f) to you (tú) (imperfect)
me lo dabais
you all (vosotros) were giving it (m) to me (imperf)
nos los daban
they/you (Vds) were giving them (m) to us (imperf)
nos los dan
they give them (m) to us
te lo doy
I give it to you
se las damos
we give them (f) to him / her / you
te lo han dado
they've given it (m) to you
se los he dado
I've given them (m) to him / her / you
me las has dado
you've given them (f) to me