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Sediment sources, cells and budgets.

Number of identified sediment cells across England and Wales
Sub Cells
Smaller sections of large sediment cells that have been divided
Coastal Sediment Cell Budget
The balance between sediment being added to and removed from the coastal system within each individual sediment cell.
Sediment Cell
A distinct area of coastline separated from other areas by well-defined boundaries, such as headlands and stretches of deep water
Example of a Sediment Cell
Holderness Coastline, located between Flamborough Head and Spurn Head in the Humber Estuary
Biological Origins of Sediment Deposited in Sediment Cells
Shells, coral fragments, skeletons of marine organisms
Sources of Sediment for Sediment Cells
Estuaries, cliff erosion, streams or river flowing into the sea, offshore sand banks
Wave, Current and Tidal Action
Responsible for moving sediment across a sediment cell
Boundaries Separating Sediment Cells
Headlands and deep waters