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Unit 4 vocabulary


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to behave in a dishonest way in order to get what you want
Get away with
to succeed in doing something bad or wrong without being punished or criticised
hide the truth
to prevent people from knowing a fact about something
Do the right thing
to behave in a good and honest way
Tell a lie
to say something that is not true
Be open about sth
to be honest about something and not try to hide it
tell the truth
to tell someone the real facts about a situation
own up to
to admit that you have done something wrong
Sb's first though
the first idea that someone has about something
Think long and hard
to think very carefully about something before making a decision
Change your mind
to change a decision or opinion
The right decision
the correct choice
to think again about a decision or opinion and decide if you want to change it
Make up your mind
to make a decision
A bad decision
a choice that is not good
Come to a decision
to decide something
at the present time
Now and again
sometimes but not very often
Now that
as a result of a new situation
Just now
a very short time ago
Now 2
What's with sth?
used to ask why someone is doing or using something
I was wondering if
Used to make a request
Believe it or not
used to say that something is true although it seems surprising
Any chance?
used to ask if something is possible
Are you out of your mind?
used to express shock at something someone has said or done
Between you and me
used to say that you do not want the person you are talking to to tell anyone else what you are going to say
to meet again after being apart for a long time
a hard hat that protects your head
the activity of racing in a small, low car with no roof or windows
to compete in a race
except if
used to talk about something that might happen
continuing to happen before a particular time or event and then stopping
used to say at what time something happened or will happen
As soon as
at the same time or a very short time after
to want a situation that is different from the one that exists
If only
used to say that you wish a situation was different or that you had done something different