10 terms

Coastlines of emergence and submergence.

Submerged river valleys with a smooth profile with shallow water getting deeper towards the centre.
Submerged glacial valleys with steep, cliff like valley sides and the water was uniformly deep.
Raised beaches
Areas of sediment deposits lifted well above the high tide line by uplift
Dalmatian coasts
Topography of the land runs parallel to the coastline and becomes flooded by sea level rise.
Marine platforms
Greater expanse of gently sloping formerly submerged land being exposed by uplift or lowering of sea-levels.
A fjord in Western Norway that is its most visited. 15km long branch, 1.5km width.
Kingsbridge Estuary
A ria in Southern Devon, UK, with the floodplains underwater and highlands just barely above the surface.
V-Shaped Valleys
Most common in Rias, they have sloping straight sides.
U-shaped valleys
Most common in Fjords, they have curved sheer sides.
Kincraig Point
Scottish raised beach with step like increases in their height.