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statement of how & why specific facts are related

Theoretical Paradigm

basic image of society that guides thinking and research

Sociological Paradigm

a general set of assumptions about the nature of phenomena

Macro Sociology

study large factors of society—conflict theory and functionalism

Micro Sociology

study of smaller factors in society—symbolic interaction.

Structural Functionalism

sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability.

Social Structure

any relatively stable pattern of social behavior

Social Function

consequences for operation of society as a whole.

Manifest Function

the outward goal of something

Latent Function

the unseen or unintended goal

Social Dysfunction

one way of saying "we've got issues that need to be addressed"

Conflict Theory

sees society as an arena of inequality, which generates conflict and change. It focuses on inequality rather than solidarity. (Marx, DuBois, Addams)

Symbolic Interaction

looks from a micro perspective and sees society as the product of everyday interactions of indivuduals (Weber, Goffman, Mead)

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