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This is the term used to describe the make shift shanty-towns where many of the unemployed live.
Federal Reserve
This system controlled the banks and their ability to loan money and reduced the supply of money.
Woody Guthrie
He was a country music artist during the 1930s that sang about the hardships of farmers.
Court Packing Plan
FDR's proposal to allow the president to appoint an additional Justice for every member of the Supreme Court over 70.
Stock Market Crash
Speculation and Buying on Margin caused this to crash in 1929 causing a chain reaction in the economy.
By 1933 many of these closed due to the increase of people withdrawing their money. This crisis was one of the first to be addressed by FDR.
Dust Bowl
This was the result of severe drought conditions and led to a mass exodus of farmers from the Great Plains.
New Deal
This program was created by FDR and consisted of Relief, Recovery and Reform. It focused on the Banking Crisis, unemployment and restoring the economy.
Hundred Days
This the term referring to the initial part of FDR's presidency when he pushed through many of his programs including the Bank Holiday
Great Plains
This region was affected by the Dust Bowl. Many left and headed to California in search of employment.
Social Security
This program was part of the New Deal creating a pension for the retired, disabled and unemployed.
This is the term used to refer to the population that set out for California from the Great Plains.
Hawley Smoot
this tariff passed in 1930 was created to protect American business from foreign competition.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
This Corporation was created by FDR to oversee and protect bank deposits.
Securities and Exchange
This Commission oversees the day to day operations in the stock market and prevent fraud.
Eleanor Roosevelt
She was a First Lady and worked for social reform, supported youth employment, helped the poor and addressed the needs of women in her book it's Up to Women.
John Steinbeck
He was the author of the Grapes of Wrath, a story of the migration during the Great Depression.