Starbucks Barista Test


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Chai tea latte
CH, steam milk, chai syrup, hot water
Espresso shots w/ hot water.
T- 2 shots
G- 3 shots
V- 4 shots
Just shots
Shots with steamed milk
Short, kids size. Extra small
Tall. Small
Grande. Medium.
Venti. Large.
Trenta. Extra large
How to make mocha syrup
Fill pitcher to one liter, pour in half of mocha mix. Mix together. Put in the rest of mocha mix in Add one more liter and mix.
How to make skinny mocha
Half of liter of water, mix skinny mocha powder in and mix together
How to make tea
Place tea bag in pitcher, add one liter of boiling water. Time 5 minutes. Take tea bag out and add filtered cold water until the two liter mark.
How to make iced coffee to be stored
Brew one silver bag of coffee mix, brew on "half batch", fill both pitchers to the one liter mark, add ice until the two liter Mark. Refrigerate.
What kind of drinks come in trenta?
Iced coffee, refreshers, iced tea
How to make refreshers
Pour base(ex:lemonade) add water, add choice of fruit, add ice, shake.
How to make tea lemonade
Pour tea, add lemonade, add ice to fill, shake
What coffee is made in French press
Dark(after 12pm), blonde, decaf
Pumps for hot drinks
Pumps for iced drinks
Tall- 3
Grande- 4
Venti- 6
Pumps for frozen drinks
Tall- 2
Grande - 3
Venti - 4
Shots for hot drinks
Tall- 1
Grande- 2
Venti - 2
Shots for iced
Tall- 1
Grande- 2
Venti- 3
How to make Carmel macchiato
Steam milk, vanilla syrup, shots, Carmel crosshatch
Green tea
Berry/pink tea
Black tea
Whip cream expires in
24 hours
Mocha and skinny mocha syrup expires in
24 hours
Chai tea expires in
24 hours
Coffee roast expires in
48 hours
How to make coffee roast used in frapps
One liter of cold filtered water, add packet of mix, refrigerate
How to make a green tea latte
Steam 2 spoon matcha powder with milk, fill until one line below the size of the cup(ex: grande), pumps of classic
White mocha syrup expires in
2 weeks
Tea expires in
12 hours
Stored ice coffee expires in
8 hours
How to make Carmel frappe
fill cup to bottom line with whole milk, pour into pitcher, add coffee base, add Carmel syrup, add ice, blend. Add whip cream and Carmel drizzle on top
How to make strawberry frappe
Fill whole milk to bottom line of cup, strawberry base, classic base, cream base, add strawberries, ice, blend, whip cream
How to make vanilla bean frappe
Fill milk to the bottom line of cup, our into pitcher, add vanilla bean powder, cream base, add ice, blend. Whip cream on top
Creme Frapps.