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Religious freedon
Why did the Puritans come to America?
Believed worship and lifestyle should be simple and pure
John Winthrop
Led a second group from England to The Massachusetts Bay Colony in Boston
Roger Williams
Expelled from the church, founder of Providence, Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson
Expelled from the colony and moved later to Providence, Rhode Island
Thomas Hooker
Believed people should elect their representative leaders in government. Moved to Connecticut
Town Common
the park in the center of town
What was the town common used for?
grazing animals, getting water at the well, visiting neighbors and getting town information, punishing people for all to see
Town Meetings
gathering to discuss town government
Representative Government
Colonists elected their own leaders
goods that come into the country
goods that are sent out of the country
hand held school book that looked like a paddle.
What was in the Hornbook?
prayers, alphabet for learning to read
your own idea
proven by evidence
King Phillip's War
Native Americans and English fought over land
having businesses and industry to make money to live
a business that makes products
industry of the New England colonies that used lumber
Triangle Trading
goods were traded between England, the English Colonies, and Africa
What were some of the items that were shipped out?
fur, lumber, tobacco, sugar, manufactured goods
Manufactured goods
raw materials made into something like clothing, furniture, tools, etc.
speaking against
kicked out
Atlantic Ocean
physical feature shared by the colonies
Advantages of living near the water
transportation, cooking, cleaning, drinking, irrigation for farming, hunting, fishing
Which colony had better farming?
Pilgrims in Massachusetts
Who had the first settlement in New England?
Free Market
people and businesses are free to choose what to sell and buy and what services to sell and buy
using boats
3 colony regions
New England, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies
4 colonies in New England
New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

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