Terribly Useful Japanese Phrases (romanji)

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Some fun Japanese phrases for the home and on the streets.

Kono dorama ga owattara dekakenakucha.

When this drama is over, I have to get going.

Kono hito saikin yoku miru naa.

This guy is on the TV all the time lately.

Nande konna atsugeshou shiterun darou?

Why does she wear all that make-up?

Kono dake da ne, kono hito.

He's nothing but a pretty face.

Kono hito kirai. Channeru kaeyou.

I don't like this guy. I'm going to change the channel.

Zettai kono hito ga hannin da yo.

I'm sure he's the one that did it.

Sou kana, sonna koto nai yo.

Come on, it's not that bad.

Mou gaman dekinai.

I can't stand this anymore!

Nande baka mitaina merodorama mirun da?

Why do you watch those stupid soap operas?

Kore rokuga shiteokou.

I should record this.

Kore ijou ittemo shou ga nai.

There's no point in talking about it anymore.

Yakusoku mamotte yo.

You should keep your word.

Katteni shiro!

Do what you want!

Atode koukai shite mo shiranai kara.

It's not my fault if you regret it later.

Iisugi da zo!

That''s going too far!

Ittai nani ga fumanna no ka itte yo.

Tell me exactly what's bothering you.

Nandemo shigoto no sei ni surun da kara.

You always use work as an excuse.

Urusai na!

Stop bothering me!

Jibun no tachiba o kangaero?

Who do you think you are?

Ne wa ii hito nan da.

I know deep down he's a nice guy.

Shinpai shichatta yo.

I was getting worried.


What happened?

Okutte ikou ka?

Shall I walk you home?

Chotto yotte ikanai?

Would you like to come to my place for a while?

Rainen wa ii koto aru kana.

I wonder if next year will bring something good.

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