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Abraham Lincoln
President of the Union during the civil war. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
Manifest Destiny
The idea of belief that Americans should occupy domestic America. We should settle the land from "Sea to Shining Sea."
Emancipation Proclamation
This proclamation was issued during the Civil War by President Abraham Lincoln. It said that all states in slaveholding states and territories were free. In fact, it did not free any slaves.
Urban Development
City growth of areas that include suburbs. Ex) skyscrapers in a city. They maximize limited space.
Civil War
The war between the North and the South.
Causes: States rights (John C. Calhoun) and slavery
Dred Scott Decision
The Supreme Court decision that ruled that African Americans were not citizens, but property.
A mass movement of people from one area to another.
Frederick Douglass
The former slave that self-educated himself. He worked in President Lincoln's cabinet and is famous for his speeches.
Louisiana Purchase
The acquisition of the Louisiana territory by the U.S from France in 1803. It was bought from France for 15 million dollars (3 cents per acre). It doubled the size of America and helped fulfill "Manifest Destiny."
Rural vs. Urban
Rural: It is considered the country part of a nation. Sparse Population (farms) and sparsely populated.
Urban: The city part of the nation. Dense population(skyscrapers) and densely populated.
A person that opposed slavery Ex) John Brown
Compromise of 1850 and Missouri Compromise
These two famous compromises are significant because they helped keep the North and South from the Civil War for a time period.
People who migrated to California in search of gold. They contributed to the Westward expansion of the U.S.
Henry Clay
He is known as the Great Compromise. He created the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850.
These two compromises helped keep the states together and delay the Civil War.
Push and Pull factors of Migration
Push: War, lack of jobs, political persecution, disease, and lack of resources.
Pull: Job opportunities, recreation, land/resources, and weather
Gadsen Purchase
A small tract of land purchased from Mexico for 10 million dollars. Also helped America fulfill "Manifest Destiny."
Indentured Servant vs. Slave
Indentured Servant: Usually from Europe. They would work for 5-7 years to pay for the amount of money it would take to get to America.
Slave: men or women forced into work and labor. Often this would be for life.
Thomas Jefferson
The third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence.
Cash Crop
Something grown or harvested for economic purposes. Cotton-South 1800's, Oranges-Florida, Tobacco-Kentucky
Westward movement of the United States
Who went?-Single Women, ex-slaves, and immigrants

Who encouraged it?-the Government

At whose expense?-Native Americans
Cotton is King
Major cash crop in the South (1800's pre-civil war)
Major Population shifts in the United States
1. Rural-Urban
2. Shift to the Sun-Belt (south and the west migration)
3. Urban/Suburban shift
Homestead Act
Established by the United States government. This gave settlers 160 acres of free land in the West. This helped promote the Westward Expansion.
Triangular Trade
Major trade routes that involved Europe, West Indies, and Africa. It is the avenue by which slaves were brought to America.
The count of population every 10 years by the Census Bureau
Population density
Amount or number of people in a given area of land
Advantages and disadvantages
North: A) more population, more industry, well connected railroads
D) public opinion of war, soldiers will fight, offensive war
South: A) better generals, reasons to fight, fighting a defensive war
D) less population, less industry, railroad system was not well connected.

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