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What is required to be successful?
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55% of emotional impact is based on __________ ______Facial expressionin _____ _______ you can predict with ______% accuracy who someone is as though you listened for 1 hour A.) 10 minutes, 70 B.) 10 seconds, 25 C.) 10 minutes, 55 D.) 10 seconds, 70D.) 10 seconds, 70who said the hardest skill in negotiating is listeningKenny Fineburg_____% of emotional impact is judged on verbal arrangement. content is key but verbal arrangement7Jobs want people coming out of ivy league schools to be these things? (HIT-C)interpersonal and communicational skills, teamwork, honesty, competencepresenter who is good,average not perfect but above averageNeophytea presenter who can step up and be just as good. poised. (maybe 10 in the class)show-runnera presenter who does weird things on purpose. see past their brandartistPerformance+PersonalityxTrust=Personal BrandingPersonal Branding=Performance+PersonalityxTrustbelievability and trust and honestycredibilitycredibility=knowledge+confidence+connectionWhat are the 3 parts of credibility?attractiveness, knowledge, and trust and knowledgewhat are the two types of credibility?Resume credibility authenticitywhat are the 4 marketing/management philosophiesproduction orientation, sales orientation, marketing orientation, societal orientation_____% of people who have bad experience tell atlas one person and embellish the story which makes it important to have great customer service77___% of people will change a purchase decision based upon the indifference of one person63Account manager, you can fuss at them and they can handle it, you have to develop these relationships. Which of the 3 concepts of marketing?Relationship managementA customer is dissatisfied and takes it out on the company by posting a video of a song they created on social media to rag on the company. This is an example of what type of service failure?The power of oneWhat are the two types of service failure?Moment of Truth, The Power of oneThis form of good customer service floors the house A.) Reduced effort to sell B.) Premium Pricing C.) You sell more D.) ReferralsD.) ReferralsA company sending its customers gift baskets is an example ofDeveloping long-term relationshipsA customer switches phone companies due to dropped calls A.) Core-service failure B.) Service encounter failure C.) Price D.) InconvenienceA.) Core-service failureWhat are the reasons customers switch?Core-service failure, Service encounter failure, Price, inconvenience, attraction from competitionStudents go to starbucks to study for a test and stay there for hours leaving limited parking. Potential customers drive off due to occupied parking lot. This is what form of a customer taking their business else whereInconvenienceRude behavior by an employee causing a customer to not provide their business is which form of customer switching?Service encounter failureLevel one marketing analysis involve examining what four things before marketing? (4 c's)Company, competition, customer, and conditionsbefore beginning their marketing campaign, exploiting a competitors strengths and weaknesses takes place. This is what form of level one marketing analysis?CompanyDistinguishing what opposing company will seek same target customers is which form of level one marketing analysis?CompetitionWhat are John Camps keys to being successful?Market yourself, sell yourself, know people, maintain contactWhat are necessary traits to be successful?Creative, aggressive, enthusiastic, smart, and honest"Simplicity is complex"CreativeLikability is a key form of ____________Selling yourselfA customer thinks of the great customer service walmart provides when they see their logo. This is a relation to theirPersonal brandnot being arrogant or whiny is tied to which emotional impact?Vocal deliveryPersonal branding formula:Performance + Personality + Visibility x trust