Film Lecture Midterm and Final 1003 Sharman

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Folley Sounds
Sounds are recorded in a study by a folley actor. The noise are recorded outside the film and later edited into the film

Double System Recording
The standard technique of recording film sound on a medium separate from the picture. Allows for maximum quality control of the medium and the many aspects of manipulating sound during postproduction editing, mixing, and synchronization

Vocal sounds (dialogue and narration)- in terms of narration- when is it recorded. typically dialogue is the only thing recorded during production.

Environmental sounds
- Ambient sounds- stems from background or setting. Ex. Slumdog Millionaire taking place in Mumbai/Bombay so you can expect to hear traffic, shouting, talking, lots of people walking.
-Sound Effects- added after the fact. sound effects- include all sounds that are artificially made for the soundtrack.
-Foley sounds- unique sounds made from different props/equipment to simulate everyday sounds. Ex) doors opening; the sound comes in after because it is not loud enough when being filmed. If you didn't go back and add the sounds in, it might not have as much emphasis on the scene

Music- sets moods or emotions, Musical Themes are often associated with individual characters (quiz question i missed)

Silence- IS one of the major types of sound, if you suppress a certain type of sound we expect to hear, that is the strategic use of silence. Interplay between silence and sound can create a rhythm for the movie that draws attention to the characters' perceptions.