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  1. Dissolving
  2. Mineral makeup
  3. Holes or soft spots
  4. Weathering & Erosion
  5. Together
  1. a Chemical weathering produces rocks that have a different ___ than the original rock
  2. b Physical and Chemical weathering often work _______ or at the same time
  3. c Chemical weathering makes ___ in rock which makes the rock break apart easier
  4. d Water weathers rock by ___ rock
  5. e Work TOGETHER to wear down and carry away rocks at Earth's surface

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  1. Two most important factors that determine the RATE of weathering
  2. This can cause rocks with iron in them to rust (oxidation)
  3. Physical weathering works ___.
  4. Rain with a lower pH than normal rain
  5. ____ (porous) rocks have faster weathering rates than other rock types

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  1. WaterThe MOST important agent of chemical weathering


  2. RootsThe MOST important agent of chemical weathering


  3. SmallerThe forces of weathering break the rocks into ___ and smaller pieces


  4. LichensPioneer plants that are the first to grow onto bare rock.


  5. Marble and limestoneCarbonic acid easily weathers ____.


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