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  1. Holes or soft spots
  2. Weathering
  3. Carbonic acid
  4. Dissolving
  5. Hot and wet
  1. a Water weathers rock by ___ rock
  2. b ______ climates have faster weathering rates than others
  3. c Chemical weathering makes ___ in rock which makes the rock break apart easier
  4. d CO2 dissolved in rainwater can become ___.
  5. e The process that breaks down rock and other substances at the Earth's surface

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  1. Chemical weathering produces rocks that have a different ___ than the original rock
  2. This can cause rocks with iron in them to rust (oxidation)
  3. Given enough time, physical weathering can wear away whole ___.
  4. Plant ____ can push into cracks and make weak acids that slowly dissolve rock
  5. Two most important factors that determine the RATE of weathering

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  1. ChemicalWeathering that breaks down rock through chemical changes


  2. WaterThe MOST important agent of chemical weathering


  3. Marble and limestone______ climates have faster weathering rates than others


  4. TogetherPhysical and Chemical weathering often work _______ or at the same time


  5. Surface areaPhysical weathering breaks rock into smaller pieces so more ___ is exposed on the rocks to chemical weathering