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Grade 7 Novel/Genre and Drama Vocabulary


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main division in a play
people watching a play
body language
the way a person gestures or holds his/her body that shows his/hers feelings
a humorous play that ends with the conflicts resolved happily
represent by a drawing, painting, or writing
a play for the theatre, radio, or television
facial expression
the way a person's face looks and shows his/her feelings
a category or type of literature (or art, music, etc.) characterized by a particular form, style, or content
a part of a play when one character speaks along, revealing his/her thoughts and feelings
mood (atmosphere)
feeling that a literary work conveys to readers; the emotional impact on the reader
a reason or reasons for acting or behaving n a particular way
writer of a play
depict (show someone or something) in a work of art of literature
a smaller division of a play within an act
the text of a play or movie
informal language
stage directions
instructions for the play about character movement, lighting, sound effects, etc. - often in talks or in parentheses
a play in which the protagonist loses, often because of a flaw or fatal mistake
a brief story that leads to a moral, often using animals as characters
tall tale
a humorous kind of folk tale that uses a great deal of exaggeration and is not meant to be taken very seriously
a writer's unique way of writing
science fiction
a story that blends futuristic technology with scientific fact and fiction
realistic fiction
imaginative writing that accurately reflects life as it could be lived today. Everything in a realistic fiction story conceivably happens to real people living in today's natural physical world
point of view
angle of perspective from which a story or poem is told (first person, third person, etc.)
a suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story
a practical lesson about right and wrong conduct often stated at the conclusion of an instructive story such as a fable
historical fiction
a fictional story with real and invented characters that takes place during a historical time
a category or type of literature (or of art, music, etc.) characterized by a particular form, style, or content
a story, often with a message, that was initially passed on by word of mouth
a story that includes elements that are impossible, such as talking animals or magical powers
fairy tale
a children's story featuring magical creatures or events

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