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Revolutionary war battles!


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First battle of the Revolutionary War, 1775, shot heard around the world, MA
MA, British on way back, ambush, Native American fighting style, 1775
Fort Ticonderoga
1775, New York, no fighting, got supplies for Continental Army
Bunker Hill
1775, MA, high ground, earthworks, Americans technically lost because they ran out of bullets, British lost 1/3 of their men
Long Island
New York, 1776, we had high ground but British sent scouts to find a way in, GW didn't fully protect us, we escaped by boat, we were chased by the Redcoats for the next 6 months
NJ, 1776, before Christmas, we needed a morale boost, attack on Hessians, Americans took back NJ
1777, Turning point, France allied with us because of this, Benedict Arnold was a huge hero, Burgoyne surrendered
Battles in the South- why?
British thought loyalists would be on their side, wanted to conquer South
1780, SC, siege lasted for 41 days, port, we surrendered
SC, 1780, quick win for the Redcoats, Americans were led by Horatio Gates who was not very good, major casualties for Americans
SC, 1781, Continentals WON!, Swamp Fox and Gen. Greene, we tricked British
VA, surrounded by water, siege, French army and navy helped us a lot, Redcoats surrendered after 2 days, basically ended the war
Continental Congress-what did they do?
Olive Branch Petition- tried to make peace with England, Dec. of Independence-reasons for separating, made GW the general of the Continental Army
Valley Forge
Winter of 1777-1778, Baton Von Steuben and Lafayette helped train army
The Treaty of Paris
1783, Paris, John Jay, John Adams, and Ben Franklin represented U.S., document that officially ended the war, gave us what we wanted
Essential Question
How did the Americans win against the British?
Sneak attacks
Lexington, swamp fox and militia
We made allies
France, Lafayette
Fought at uncommon times
Night-Ticonderoga, winter- Trenton
Everyone helped
Women at battles, ordinary citizens in militia
Better reason for fighting
British arrogance
Bunker hill, Cowpens,
Gen. Gage
1st British general to be sent, sends soldiers after Adams and Hancock
Gen Howe
Replaces Gage, takes PA, at battle of Long Island
Gen. Clinton
Thought of conquering the south,
Gen. Burgoyne
Lost his regiment at Saratoga
Surrenders at Yorktown, is beat at Cowpens, chases the swamp fox