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  1. (n.) a loafer, idler; a buzzing or humming sound; a remote-control device; a male bee; (v.) to make a buzzing sound; to speak in a dull tone of voice

    syn and ant: bum, hard worker
  2. (n.) one of the materials in a mixture, recipe ,or formula

    syn: element
  3. (n.) a family of young animals, especially birds; any group having the same nature and origin; (v.) to think over in a worried, unhappy way

    syn: ponder

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  1. goad(v.) to drive or urge on; (n.) something used to drive or urge on

    syn and ant: prod, curb


  2. indulge(v.) to give in to a wish or desire, give oneself up to

    syn and ant: oblige, deny


  3. culminate(v.) to reach a high point of development; to end, climax

    syn and ant: conclude, begin