Gardner's Art Through the Ages ch. 19

8 terms by jhennwhalen

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Exam 1 for Art Hist 2

Bonaventura Berlinghieri



One of the leading painters working in Italio-Byzantine style (maniera greca). The pose and gold background show Byzantine style. Flat formed/double scale=medieval. No 1 pt perspective; recession is intuitive.

Arnolfo Di Cambio


Begun 1296

Basilica church with marble-encrusted walls carries on the Tuscan Romanesque architectural tradition, linking it to Early Christian Italy more-so than contemporaneous France. Emphasis on horizontal.

Giotto Di Bondone

ARENA CHAPEL (Capella Scrovegni)


Widely regarded as the first Renaissance painter and a pioneer in naturalistic approach to representation based on observation. Graissaile & Tromp L'oeil used.

Giotto Di Bondone



Diagonal slope used to direct viewers eye toward the head of sculptural-esque dead Christ. First time back of characters are shown. Natural approach to background. Only halos are gold. Foreshortening. Main figure not in dead center.

Giotto Di Bondone



He displaced the Byzantine style in Italian painting and revived naturalism of classical art. Figures have substance, dimensionality. Realistic layering of angels. Gothic styled building and hierarchy (med.) and gold background (byz.)

Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi (?)

ANNUNCIATION Alterpiece, Siena Cathedral


Instrumental in creation of International Style Gothic. Courtly elegance, gold in background (symb. of heaven) delicacy of lines. Tracery architecture framing + some oriental ism of virgin's eyes. Space-less settings.

Ambrogio Lorenzetti



City more natural, but different perspectives of buildings. One of first secular pieces (shift in patronage). Country is first one of first landscapes in western art since antiquity. Atmospheric perspective/birds eye view.

Doge's Palace

Begun ca. 1340-1345

Home for electives- oligarchy for 5 centuries. Features constitute a distinctive Venetian variation of northern Gothic architecture.

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