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simultaneous sharing and creating meaning through human symbolic interaction

Why study it?

Communication and Career Development, Multicultural Society, Ethnical Behavior


exchange of communication in which communicators take turns sending and receiving messages


exchange of communication in which communicators act simultaneously, encoding and decoding occur at same time

Intentional Communcation

message that is purposely sent to specific reader

Unintentional Communication

message that is not intended to be sent or is not intended for person who receives it

Intrapersonal communication

process of understanding information within oneself

Interpersonal communication

creating and sharing meaning between people who are in relationship

Dyadic Communication

exchange of information between two people


carefully planned and executed question-and-answer session designed to exchange desired information between two parties

Public Communication

transmission of message from one person who speakes to number of individuals who listen

Mediated communication

any communication transmitted by some kind of mechanistic means, such as radio, television, telephone, or Internet, it may be one-on-one information

small-group communication

an exchage of information among relatively small number of people, ideally five to seven who share common purpose, such as completing a task, solving a problem, making a decision, or sharing information

Mass communication

communication with or to large number of people

Electronic-mediated communication

any communication transmitted by electronic device such as computer, cell phone, Blackberry, or PDA, such as text messaging, or chat rooms

Myths of Communication

1. Communication is Cure All
2. Quantity means Quality
3. Meaning is in the Words We Use
4. We Have a Natural Ability to Communicate
5. Communication is Reversible

Characteristics/ Principles of Communication

Communication is a Process
Communication is a System
Communication is both interactional and transactional

Communication is a process

series of actions that has no beginning or end and is constantly changing

Communication is a system

combination of both parts independently acting to form a whole

Myth 1: Communication is Cure-All

communication has "magical power" to solve all our problems

Myth 2: Quantity Means Quality

assuming more we communicate, the better

Myth 3: Meaning is in the Words We Use

words contain meanings is probably most serious conception

Myth 4: We Have a Natural Ability to Communicate

ability to communicate is learned

Myth 5: Communication is Reversible

all of us sometimes make blunder in communication

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