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Introduction/ Conclusion

1. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
B. Introduce Topic
2. Conclusion
A. Review Main Point (Lesson)
B. Close with Power

Creative Ways to Begin Speech

Stories/ Illustrations
Suprising Statement or statistic
Describe scenario

Methods of Delivery

Impromptu (off the cuff)
Positives~ genuine and conversational; no work, no preparation; its flexible
Negatives~ more nervous, more stressful; inaccurate information; rough (in terms of delivery)


written out pre-speech
Positives~ know what your going to say, preparation; low stress style speaking; time speech down almost to second
Negative~ boring, poor delivery, low eye contact, preparation time


written out and committed to memory
Positives~ good eye contact, more gestures, planned speech
Negatives~ forget what you, preparation for speech, committing to memory, poor delivery, hard to adapt


mix of prepared and off the cuff
Positives~prepared, yet flexible, organized, conversational
Negatives~ still stressful and hard to time

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