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language of science is
scientific equations in a conceptual course are mainly
guides to thinking about the relationships between concepts
the scientific method is most effective in
gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge
educated guess is
a hypothesis
facts in science
may change
the synthesis of a large collection of info that contains well-tested and verified hypothesis aspects of the world is known as scientific
success in science is mainly linked to emphasis on
(T/F) atom is the smallest bit of matter in a material
F! can be proved wrong
scientific hyp can be disproved with
one reproducible experiment
when a scientist is dishonest and reports false info, he or she
gets no second chance in science community
aristotle treated motion by
dividing it into two classes
aristotle believed natural laws could be understood by
science greatly advanced when galileo favored
according to galileo, inertia is
property of all matter
between mass and weight, the more fundamental quantity is
net force of object is
combo of all forces acting on it
equilibrium rule EF= 0 applies to
obj or systems in uniform motion in a straight line, obj or systems at rest
the support fore on a 10-N book that rests on a horizontal surface is
when marie pushes her desk to right, friction btwn the floor and the desk acts toward
ball increases in speed by same amount each second, acceleration
is constant
intertia is
property of all matter
quick jerk on a piece of paper beneth a box of cereal doesnt topple box meaning
box has intertia
an obj in motion tends ti remain in motion
w/o need of force
newtons second law focuses on
mass of obj doesnt change, net force of obj produces
obj mass decreases while a constant net force on the obj produces constant
when an apple that weighs 1 N is held at rest above your head, net force is
0 N
cant extert force on wall unless
wall exerts same force on you
action and reaction forces are parts of
single interaction
emphasis on orange and apple sequence is
to define systems
greater momentum when moving
container ship and bullet depending on speed
riding scooter twice as fast means you have
twice the momentum
same speed but twice as much?
double momentum
distinction between impulse and force involves
time force acts
ball rolling down an incline has its max potential energy at
the top
100 W of power every 1000W put into it, efficiency is
non renewable energy?
fossil fuel power
newton discovered that gravity is
force of gravity on a 500-N woman standing on earths surface?
according to Newton, the greater the distance btwn gravitationally interactig objects, the
less the gravitational force between them
your weight is defined to be the force
you exert against a supporting surface
an outcome of universal gravitation is that
all of the above
dropped ball gains speed because
gravitational force acts on it
an earth satellite is simply a projectile
freely falling around earth
circular path of sat around earth is by constant
radial distance, speed and acceleration
earth sat in a elliptical orbit travels faster when
nearest to earth
escape speed from earth is
11.2 km/s