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  1. multimedia
  2. polytechnic
  3. monograph
  4. unicameral
  5. unisex
  1. a not distinguishable as male or female; designed for both sexes
  2. b consisting of or having one legislative chamber
  3. c providing instruction in many technical arts and applied sciences
  4. d involving a combination of media, such as TV, radio, and newspapers
  5. e learned treatise on a particular subject; scholarly article

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  1. being the only one of its kind; highly unusual
  2. having only one syllable
  3. person married to two or more mates at the same time
  4. lengthy talk by one person
  5. being of one and the same opinion; showing complete agreement

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  1. multifacetedhaving many sides; participated in by more than two participants


  2. polymathperson of great and diversified learning


  3. uniformbeing the only one of its kind; highly unusual


  4. polytheisticbelieving in more than one god


  5. polygotperson of great and diversified learning