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  1. monologue
  2. multinational
  3. monograph
  4. unanimous
  5. multicultural
  1. a being of one and the same opinion; showing complete agreement
  2. b having subsidiaries or operations in several countries
  3. c lengthy talk by one person
  4. d reflecting many different cultures
  5. e learned treatise on a particular subject; scholarly article

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  1. always the same; not varying in form, degree, or manner
  2. being the only one of its kind; highly unusual
  3. person married to two or more mates at the same time
  4. having many facets or aspects
  5. believing in more than one god

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  1. unicameralhaving many sides; participated in by more than two participants


  2. multimediainvolving a combination of media, such as TV, radio, and newspapers


  3. multilateralreflecting many different cultures


  4. unisexbeing the only one of its kind; highly unusual


  5. polymathperson who speaks or writes several languages