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  1. alveolus
  2. hypoxia
  3. bronchoscopy
  4. anoxia
  5. mucopurulent
  1. a air sacs at end of bronchioles
  2. b containing both mucous and pus
  3. c condition of deficient O2
  4. d visual examination of bronchi
  5. e absence of O2

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  1. narrowing of the trachea
  2. abnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath
  3. mechanical device used to assis twith or substitute for breathing
  4. withdraw/suction fluid and draw foreign material into respiratory tract
  5. cardiac disease associated with lung disorders

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  1. rhinitisinflammation of the nose


  2. epistaxisinflammation of the nose


  3. orthopneanormal breathing


  4. sputumopen / allowing the passage of air


  5. asthmaabsence of O2