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  1. hemothorax
  2. diaphragm
  3. thoracic
  4. tracheortomy
  5. atelectasis
  1. a muscle that aides in breathing
  2. b blood in the chest (pleural cavity()
  3. c incomplete expansion
  4. d surgery in wind pipe to relieve obstruction of breathing
  5. e pertaining to chest

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  1. able to breathe easier in a straight position
  2. membranous partition between two body cavity organs between lungs
  3. air sacs at end of bronchioles
  4. air in chest causing collapse of the lung
  5. condition of deficient O2

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  1. nosocomial infectioninfection acquired during hospitilization


  2. anoxiacondition of deficient O2


  3. pulmonary embolismabnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath


  4. pleuradouble folded serous membrane


  5. sputummucous secretion from the lungs, bronchi,and trachea through mouth


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