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  1. polysomnography
  2. epistaxis
  3. orthopnea
  4. patent
  5. pleura
  1. a nosebleed
  2. b process of recording many tests while sleeping
  3. c double folded serous membrane
  4. d able to breathe easier in a straight position
  5. e open / allowing the passage of air

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  1. visual examination of bronchi
  2. absence of O2
  3. fluid in pleural space caused by a disease or trauma
  4. instrument used for visual exam of the larynx
  5. highly contagious bacterial infection of respiratory.

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  1. tracheortomyexcision of a lobe of the lung


  2. aspiratewithdraw/suction fluid and draw foreign material into respiratory tract


  3. alveolusabsence of O2


  4. dyspneaabsence of breathing


  5. pulmonary edemaabnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath