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  1. pneumoconiosis
  2. lobectomy
  3. tracheortomy
  4. aspirate
  5. pharyngitis
  1. a abnormal conditino of dust in the lungs
  2. b surgery in wind pipe to relieve obstruction of breathing
  3. c excision of a lobe of the lung
  4. d withdraw/suction fluid and draw foreign material into respiratory tract
  5. e inflammation of pharynx

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  1. infection acquired during hospitilization
  2. deprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication
  3. air in chest causing collapse of the lung
  4. highly contagious bacterial infection of respiratory.
  5. respiratory disease of coughing wheezing and shortness of breath

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  1. croupmucous secretion from the lungs, bronchi,and trachea through mouth


  2. hemothoraxair in chest causing collapse of the lung


  3. atelectasisincomplete expansion


  4. rhinitisinflammation of the nose


  5. eupneaabsence of breathing


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