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  1. asthma
  2. aspirate
  3. tracheortomy
  4. alveolus
  5. nosocomial infection
  1. a respiratory disease of coughing wheezing and shortness of breath
  2. b air sacs at end of bronchioles
  3. c withdraw/suction fluid and draw foreign material into respiratory tract
  4. d infection acquired during hospitilization
  5. e surgery in wind pipe to relieve obstruction of breathing

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  1. absence of breathing
  2. blockage of the main artery in lungsby fat, air, blood,
  3. ventilation of the lungs doesnt fulfill body's gas exchange needs
  4. absence of O2
  5. highly contagious bacterial infection of respiratory.

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  1. epistaxisnosebleed


  2. pneumoconiosisabnormal conditino of dust in the lungs


  3. asphyxiadeprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication


  4. mediastinummembranous partition between two body cavity organs between lungs


  5. thoracicabsence of O2