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  1. Cor pulmonale
  2. eupnea
  3. lobectomy
  4. laryngoscope
  5. patent
  1. a cardiac disease associated with lung disorders
  2. b normal breathing
  3. c open / allowing the passage of air
  4. d excision of a lobe of the lung
  5. e instrument used for visual exam of the larynx

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  1. incomplete expansion
  2. inflammation of pharynx
  3. deprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication
  4. inflammation of the nose
  5. difficulty breathing

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  1. bronchoscopyinstrument used for visual exam of the larynx


  2. aspiratedeprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication


  3. thoracocentesisinsertion of a hollow needle into pleural cavity of the chest to drain pleural fluid


  4. sputumcondition from acute obstruction of larynx characterized by barking cough hoarseness


  5. hypoxiaabsence of O2


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