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  1. apnea
  2. pneumothorax
  3. rhinitis
  4. atelectasis
  5. hypoxia
  1. a air in chest causing collapse of the lung
  2. b incomplete expansion
  3. c inflammation of the nose
  4. d absence of breathing
  5. e condition of deficient O2

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  1. mechanical device used to assis twith or substitute for breathing
  2. instrument used for visual exam of the larynx
  3. double folded serous membrane
  4. containing both mucous and pus
  5. absence of O2

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  1. epistaxisnosebleed


  2. hypoventilationventilation of the lungs doesnt fulfill body's gas exchange needs


  3. orthopneaable to breathe easier in a straight position


  4. pulmonary embolismblockage of the main artery in lungsby fat, air, blood,


  5. eupneaabsence of breathing