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  1. pleaural effusion
  2. rhinitis
  3. diaphragm
  4. asthma
  5. asphyxia
  1. a muscle that aides in breathing
  2. b respiratory disease of coughing wheezing and shortness of breath
  3. c fluid in pleural space caused by a disease or trauma
  4. d inflammation of the nose
  5. e deprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication

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  1. abnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath
  2. abnormal conditino of dust in the lungs
  3. blood in the chest (pleural cavity()
  4. device that creates a mist used to deliver meds for respiratory treatment
  5. condition from acute obstruction of larynx characterized by barking cough hoarseness

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  1. alveolusair sacs at end of bronchioles


  2. paroxysmabsence of O2


  3. eupneaabsence of breathing


  4. apneanormal breathing


  5. pertussisnosebleed