23 terms

bounds chapter 3

the work done in someone else's name. the goal he is striving for, cannot wait
kingdom of God
we give our lives for the sake of
pashal mystery
the passover events of jesus. we call this saving work of the Passion, death, Resurrection, and glorious Ascension of Jesus Christ
Mark's Gospel is written in
simple pictorial style. has a kind of "breathless" quality to it.
what vital job does Jesus have to do
the world needs saving
Mark's Gospel suggest that everything in it leads up to
the cross
who does Peter say Jesus is
the Messiah, the Savior
without the cross there is no
Jesus tells the disciples openly that he will be what?
rejected by religious leaders and that he will be killed only to rise again
Jesus gives himself for?
the life of the world
who did Jesus cure for Simon
his mother-in-law
after Jesue cured his mother in law what happened?
the whole town gathered at the door to be cured of illness and demons.
what are the two main activities of Jesus ministry?
Jesus taught people and Jesus healed people
when Simon's mother in law was healed what did she do?
she began to wait on them. healed by Jesus, she began thinking of others
the blessing we have recieved , are meant to be?
shared not held on to, our task as followers of Jesus is to do as he did.
the point of Mark's Gospel is that the most amazing and life changing teaching and healing from Jesus Christ is accomplished by?
his "work" on the cross, his suffering and dying for our sakes and his Resurrection.
when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist we pray for?
Unity and peace
the people of God the body of christ
the seven sacraments of the church make present the paschal mystery
according to mark what are the two main activities found in Jesus ministry
taughted and healed
what does Jesus's ministry actually lead up to
his death
does Mark potray Jesus as a person who is slow to act
what do we have in the story of the healing of simon's mother in law
we can learn from jesus that shares with all of us