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Feminist Philosophy Midterm


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Frye's first definition of sexism
a thing is sexist iff it creates, constitutes, or promotes, or exploits an irrelevant distinction between sexes
Objection to Frye's FD1
failed to locate locus of sexism primarily in the system or framework, problem is that sexism is ever relevant in the first place; this might work if society had no marking of irrelevant differences but we already have a society thad does and values these as relevant
sexist cultural/economic system
one in which sex is always relevant
Frye's second definition of sexism
cultural and economic system(s) which create and enforce the elaborate rigid patterns of sex-marking and sex-announcing which divide species along lines of sex, into dominants and subordinates. Individual acts and practices are sexist which reinforce and support those structures
a sentence that describes the world being a certain way
when the world is the way the statement says the world is
a sequence of statements, the last of which, the conclusion, is supposed to follow from the others (the premises)
valid argument w/ false premises
if it is a pig then it can fly, it is a pig, it can fly.
can be true while having incorrect/bad premises
sound argument
valid with true premises
If PLW is true than Matilda, a mathematician, is a philosopher. Matilda is not a philosopher. Therefore PLW is not true
A person, P, is a philosopher iff P uses this method: double-checking, re-asking questions. If PAM is true than anyone who uses this method is a philosopher. Its not the case that anyone who uses this method is a philosopher. Its not the case that PAM is true.
Feldman's definition of philosopher
P is a philosopher iff P engages in the serious study of one of these branches of philosophy
valid argument
if the premises are true then the conclusion must be true
Female exclusion from the canon
overt sexism, style: women practiced literary rather than scientific mode of argument, world views didn't win out due to androcentrism, gendering of philosophical concepts, anonymous women publishing
Female inclusion
broaden scope of what counts as a philosophical texts which would fit more women writing in other styles in, view existing philosophy through a female lens; deconstruct false dichotomy of emotion v. rationality, re-integrate feminine attributes and perspective into philosophical inquiry and evaluation
Feldman on equality
we can have just legal system without appeals to notion of equality, equality may be byproduct of just society but does not need to be end goal to achieve justice
a system of laws, L, is just iff L distributes some benefit or burden to some citizen in virtue of that citizen's having a certain feature, then that the citizen legally deserves the benefit or burden from the law in virtue of having that feature
social construction
a product of human social practices; something whose existence is reliant upon productive human social practices
"merely socially constructed"
the thing does not in fact exist at all independent of human social construction