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The language of science is
Scientific equations in a conceptual course are mainly
Guides to thinking about the relationships between concepts
The scientific method is most effective in
gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge
In science an educated guess is a
In science facts
may change
The synthesis of a large collection of information that contains well-tested and verified hypotheses about certain aspects of the world is known as a scientific
Success in science is mainly linked to emphasis on
Which of these is a scientific hypothesis (that could be proved wrong)?
An atom is the smallest bit of matter in a material
A scientific hypothesis can be disproved with
one reproducible experiment
When a scientist is dishonest and reports false information he or she
gets no second chance in the scientific community
Aristotle treated motion by
Dividing it into two classes
Aristotle believed that natural laws could be understood by
Science greatly advanced when galileo favored
According to Galileo, inertia is a
property of all matter
Between mass and weight the more fundamental quantity is
The net force on an object is
The combination of all forces acting on it
The equilibrium rule sigmaF=O applies to
objects or systems in uniform motion in a straight line and objects or systems at rest
The support force on a 10-N book that rests on a horizontal surface is
When Marie pushes her desk to the right friction between the floor and the desk acts toward
the left
When a ball increases in speed by the same amount each second, it's acceleration
is constant
Inertia is defined as a
Property of matter
A quick jerk on a sheet of paper beneath a box of cereal doesn't topple the box which best illustrates that
the box has inertia
An object in motion tends to remain in motion
Without the need of a force
Newton's second law focuses on
If the mass of an object does not change a constant net force on the object produces constant
If an object's mass decreases while a constant force acts on it the acceleration
When an apple that weighs 1 N held at rest above your head the net force on the apple is
You cannot exert a force on a wall
Unless the wall simultaneously exerts the same amount of force on you
Action and reaction forces are parts of
a single interaction
The emphasis of the orange and apple sequence in your text is
To define systems
Which has the greater momentum when moving
either of these depending on speed
When you ride your scooter you have momentum when you ride twice as fast you have
twice the momentum
A freight train rolls along a track with considerable momentum. If it rolls at the same speed but has twice as much mass it's momentum is
The distinction between impulse and force involves the
time the force acts
A heavy truck and a small car roll down a hill at the same speed and need to stop in the same amount of time compared with the force to stop the car the force needed to stop the truck is
If you push for an hour against a stationary wall you do no work
on the wall
Which has the greater kinetic energy
A car half the mass traveling at 60km/hr
A ball rolling down an incline has it's maximum potential energy at
the top
A machine puts out 100w power for every 1000w put into it. The efficiency of the machine is
Which of these forms of energy is not renewable
fossil fuel power
Newton discovered
That gravity is universal
What is the force of gravity on a 500 N woman standing on Earth's surface
According to Newton the greater the distance between gravitationally interacting objects the
Less the gravitational force between them
Your weight is defined to be the force
you exert against a supporting force
An outcome of universal gravitation is that
all of the above
A dropped ball gains speed because
A gravitational force acts on it
An Earth satellite is simply a projectile
Freely falling around earth
The circular path of a satellite orbiting earth is characterized by a constant
radial distance, speed, Acceleration, ans: all of the above
An earth satellite in an elliptical orbit travels fastest when it is
Nearest the earth
Escape speedf from earth is
11.2 km/s
A firewalker walking barefoot across not wooden coals depends on woods
poor conduction
Thermal convenction is linked most closely to
When air is rapidly compressed it's temperature normally
An object that observes energy well also
radiates well
Planet earth loses heat mainly by
Compared with terrestrial radiation the
Radiation from the sun has a none of the above
Glass is a transparent to short-wavelength light and is
opaque to the light of longer wave lengths
When evaporation occurs in a dish of water the molecules left behind in the water are
less energetic have decreased average speed, result in lower temperatures
When say electric charge is conserved we mean that it can
be neither created nor destroyed
When a pair of charged particles are brought twice as close to each other the force between them becomes
Four times as strong
An electric Field surrounds all
electrons and protons
Which statement(s) is (are) correct
Charge flows in a circuit
When you double both the current and the voltage in a circuit the power
In a simple circuit consisting of a single lamp and a single battery when the current in the lamp is 2 amperes the current in the battery is more than
What is the power rating of a lamp connected to a 12-v source when it carries 2.5A?
When steam changes phase to water it
Releases energy
Boiling and freezing can occur at the same time when water is subjected to
decreased atmospheric presssure
The source of all electron magnetism is
the motion of electrons
Surrounding moving electric charges are
both of these
A magnetic force acting on a beam of electrons can change
only the direction of the beam
When you move a bar magnet to and from first thrusting it into and then withdrawing it from a coil of wire you induce
alternating current
The principle underlying the operation of an electric motor is that a current carrying a wire experiences force
in a magnetic field