Follow Your Arrow


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to save oneself for
(idiom) To not have sex until one meets the right person to date or marry.
"She told me she's _________ _________ ______ marriage."
a wh-ore
(informal; offensive) A woman (or sometimes a man) who has sex for money or who has sex with lots of people.
"TV star Julia Bradbury called a '__________' by dog walker she confronted after he didn't pick up pet poo."
a bore
A person who is boring and annoying.
"It is hard to write about a good person without making him or her look like a _________."
a prude
A person who cares so much about proper speech and conduct as to be annoying to others.
"He is too much of a ____________ to enjoy movies with sex and violence."
to down a drink
(Idiom) Drink an alcoholic drink very quickly, often in one gulp.
I can't believe she __________ that whole ___________ in one go!
to go to church
(Collocation) attend church, often regularly.
Where do you _____________ _________ ____________?
(adj) feeling or behaving as if what you say or do is always morally right, and other people are wrong.
"We have to learn tolerance and to stop being so ___________________ towards people who are different from us."
a drunk
(idiom: informal) a person is drinks a lot of alcohol.
"You can't trust that old ____________. He'll tell you anything for a drink."
be damned if you do and damned if you don't
(idiom; informal) used to say that in a specific situation a person can be blamed or considered wrong no matter what he or she does.
"_____________ if you _________, __________ if you __________," Mac Stipanovich, a Republican strategist in Florida, said of candidates against new gun laws. "If you don't, you may not win the nomination. If you do, you may not win the general election."
might as well
(collocation) used to indicate that a situation is the same as if the hypothetical thing stated were true.
"For readers looking clarity and understanding, this book ____________ _______ ________ have been written in Serbo-Croatian."
to lose weight
(collocation) to become thinner.
"Wow! I can't believe these jeans don't fit me anymore. I really need to __________ some ___________."
to go to hell
(collocation) be damned to spend forever in the underworld away from paradise and god.
"Some people think if you don't believe in god then you're going to _________ _________ __________."
can't win for losing
(idiom) used to say that losing keeps you from winning; you can't win because things keep going wrong, especially something unexpected like bad luck.
I want to be the best for you, but you're never satisfied. Whatever I do, it's not enough—I __________ __________ __________ _____________!"
to make lots of noise
(idiom) to complain, make trouble or celebrate in a loud way.
"After graduation, we went out on the the town and ___________ _________ ______ __________."
straight and narrow
(idiom; informal) the proper, honest, and moral path of behavior.
"The court placed the man under the supervision of a probation officer to help him stay on the _______________ _________ _______________."
be into something
(idiom; informal) used to say that you enjoy something or are a fan of something or someone.
"I'________ really __________this new song by Kasey Musgraves called 'Follow Your Arrow.'"
to roll up a joint
(idiom) to roll some marijuana up in a cigarette paper to smoke.
if you can't beat them join them
(idiom) if you are unable to outdo others in some task, you might as well cooperate with them and thereby possibly gain an advantage.