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Father Todd Test: March 15, 2018

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What are the 6 truths we have learned in class?
1. There is truth
2. Man is a religious being
3. God exists
4. Jesus Christ is the son of God
5. God is who he say he is
6. Jesus founded the Church on St Peter
Explain in their entirety the 3 levels of happiness and the 3 levels of love.
1. Beatific vision (Heaven)
2. God's Will (Living according to what God wants us to do, following the ten commndments, the beatitudes, mission in life according to your vocation: in the end it is the imitation of Jesus Christ and living a life of virtue [two greatest commandments: love god and your neighbor])
3. Worldly Happiness (Things that make us feel happy that are passing. They are good things but passing)

1. Agape (We would die for them)
2. Filio (Our Best friend)
3. Eros (Beauty)
What is the definition of love?
A self-sacrificing willed concerned for and giving to another, even if attraction and feeling are diminished or absent, and even if little or nothing is received in return, all with divine motivation
How does Jesus practice love?
Died on the cross (self- sacrificing)
For others (all of humanity)
Ridiculed, punished (feeling diminished)
Nothing was in it for Him
For love of the Father and for love of us (divine motivation)
How do you apply the definition of love to marriage?
Stay with them forever (self- sacrificing)
I think about them and their needs first (concerned for and giving to another)
Patience, Forgiveness, trust (feelings diminished)
Doing things without expecting anything in return (unconditional love)
Help each other get to Heaven (divine motivation)
How are we free if God knows everything?
1. Jesus is God and God exists outside of time - with God there is no time! He sees all things at once.
2. Jesus is also a man- and just like any man, he trusts in people that they will do the right thing; he allows them to act (example of drafting, example of marrying someone)
How is Peter different than Judas?
-was not educated
-he never allowed his love for Christ to diminish even though he failed and made mistakes,
-he denies the Lord 3 times,
-he comes back after and reaffirms his love for the Lord- Peter never stops going forward and progresses in virtue and in love

-chosen as one of the 12
-the only educated man of the 12
-must have been reveared in managing money
-over time he allowed his love for the Lord to diminish
-he betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
-does not believe that he can be forgiven and takes his own life
How does Jesus dying on the cross show that God is all powerful?
It looks like he is not all powerful
Pharisees tell him they will believe if he comes down from the cross - He resists the temptation. Remember that Christ saved us by being obedient. Would the devil ever sacrifice anything for us?
He is all powerful because He chooses to be obedient
Jesus rises from the dead to save us
how does the story of joseph show that God is all powerful?
Youngest of the brothers and has a dream that he will "rule" them
Brothers sell him as a slave to the Egyptians.
Yahweh is always with him and he is successful in all
He is framed and thrown into jail - he remains FAITHFUL! (2 years)
Interprets famine and is exalted - becomes administrator of the kingdom (never complained)
His brothers come back to him and he is merciful
From slave to savior and turns out the whole world is saved through his actions
A Christ like representation
This proof shows that God always brings about good from evil
What is the definition of humility?
(two parts)
Recognizes that they are a person of God in need of Him
That they are sinners in need for His mercy
What are the six characteristics of humility?
Serve others
Always thankful
Adores God in prayer
Knows that everything that happens to them is for their good
They are patient and understanding
They are resolute to do good
How does the rich man and Lazarus show the importance of the second act of the human person?
1st Act (infinitely valuable in God's eyes); 2nd act (what we choose to do - living according to God's commandments, beatitudes, and our vocation.
When we are judged, we will either go to heaven, hell, or purgatory - this is definitive
What does it mean that God is eternal?
God has no beginning or end
What is the definition of freedom?
Freedom is the capacity to choose wisely and act well as a matter of habit - as a matter of virtue.
Using Matthew 16: 13-20 prove that the Church is founded by Christ on St. Peter? What does this mean regarding the authority that the Catholic Church has? What is the mission that Jesus gives the 12 disciples?
St. Peter was the first pope of the Catholic Church. In 64 AD, the Roman Emperor Nero started to persecute Catholics for their faith. He used them for food for his dogs and he would use them a light poles by setting them on fire. During this time Peter (Simon) became the first pope of the Catholic Church. First of all, Simon's name was switched to Peter by Jesus which indicated the apostle being called to a special role. Christ then told Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." The word rock has a special significance. Nobody except God was called rock specifically. Also, in Greek Church is the feminine word for rock and Peter is the masculine version of the word rock. This means that the Church is a set rock and is not moveable. Secondly, it shows that the "Gates of Hell," are guarded with the heaviest forces which captures the great war making power of a nation. Thus, it shows that St. Peter will become that visible force for the Church keeping back the power of hell. Thirdly, God entrusted Peter with the keys to the kingdom of heaven. This person (The Pope) represented the king, acted with His authority, and had to act in accordance with the King's mind. St. Peter and his successors also represented the Lord on Earth. Finally, St Peter is given the responsibility of binding things. He could bind, forbid an act, excommunicate a person for serious sin, declare an act permissible, or reconcile a sinner with the community. This means that the leader of the Catholic Church is supposed to act how Jesus Christ did and to lead their people to heaven. To sum up, Jesus gave all of the disciples a mission which was to preach, teach, and sanctify like the Bishops are supposed to do today.