Reformers Quiz

Frederick Douglass
an escaped slave that became an abolitionist and lectured vs slavery. he lived in rochester for more than 20 years
The North Star
What was the name of Frederick Douglass's newspaper?
William Lloyd Garrison
a white abolitionist who published a newspaper
The Liberator
What was the name of William Lloyd Garrison's newpaper?
Harriet Tubman
an escaped slave that founded the Underground Railroad and helped more than 300 slaves escape. she was later a nurse and spy for the union
Grimke Sisters
lectured against slavery even though father owned slaves; kept speaking in public even though it was rare to do so
Angelina and Sarah
What are the first names of the two Grimke sisters?
Sojourner Truth
former slave who lectured for women's rights and is known for her Ain't I A Woman speech.
Lucretia Mott
worked for women's rights and helped organize the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
key organizer of the Seneca Falls Convention, her father wished she was a boy, had 6 children, and she wrote speeches for Susan B Anthony
Susan B Anthony
lived in rochester ny and campaigned against slavery and alcohol abuse but is most known for the womens rights movement; was once arrested for voting in a presidential election
Emma Willard
established a high school for women in troy ny; it taught all subjects especially math and science
Elizabeth Blackwell
first american woman to recieve a medical degree; was only woman in her class and was turned down by 29 colleges before she was accepted
Dorothea Dix
worked to improve treatment of mentally ill by urging states to build hospitals for them; also worked for prison reform by trying to get states to stop cruel punishment, lessen debtor sentences and build new prisons
Horace Mann
began work for public education in Massachusetts; called for new schools and better teacher training and pay
Thomas Gallaudet
established a school for the deaf
Gallaudet University
What school in Washington DC was named for Thomas Gallaudet?
Samuel Gridley Howe
established a school for the blind and created a system of raised letters so ppl could read with fingers
Neal Dow
leader of temperance movement; worked to end alcohol abuse
Mary Lyon
opened Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary; was not called a college because it was wrong for women to attend college