Compromises of the Constitution


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What was the purpose of the constitutional convention?
to amend/change the Articles of Confederation

They decided to scrap the Articles and write a new constitution.
Great Compromise
Issue: should representation be based on population or should each state have the same

Compromise: bicameral legislature
House of Representatives by population
Senate would have 2 senators from each state
Virginia Plan
Large states proposed that representation should be based on population.
New Jersey Plan
Small states proposed that each state should have the same number of representatives.
Three-Fifths Compromise
Issue: How should slaves be counted for tax and representation issues?

Compromise: 3/5ths of slaves would be counted for both tax and representation purposes
Commerce Compromise
Issue: Should imports and exports be taxed?

Compromise: Imports can be taxed but exports cannot
Voting Compromise
Issue: Can the people be trusted to vote?

Compromise: People will vote for representatives, legislatures will choose senators, and the electoral college will vote for President
Slave Trade Compromise
Issue: Should the slave trade be ended?

Compomise: Congress could not prohibit the slave trade for 20 years
Why is the constitution considered a "bundle of compromises?"
The delegates debated many issues and created compromises over such issues as representation, slavery, trade and voting. No side got everything they wanted, but each side gained something that benefited them.