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  1. ossification
  2. lacunae
  3. lamella
  4. canaliculi
  5. central canals contain
  1. a layers, rings, aka matrix
  2. b blood vessels, lymphatic vessels & nerves
  3. c dimples, osteocyte sits in lacunae
  4. d like like little cracks, actually canals
  5. e bone formation

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  1. thoracic curve (hunchback)
  2. growth in diameter
  3. 1. Most bones develop this process
    2. Formation of primary ossification center and marrow cavity in shaft of model
    a. Bony collar developed by osteoblasts
    b. Chondrocytes swell and die
    c. Stem cells give rise to osteoblasts and clasts
    d. Bone laid down and marrow cavity created

    epiphysis - needs to be remodeled (reshaped)
    bone grows on the outside and then an inner layer disappears by osteoclasts. this is so the bones don't get too heavy
  4. no calcium. deterioration of vertebral support.

    1. Bones lose mass and become increasingly brittle and subject to fractures
    2. More prevalent in women - postmenopausal
    3. Men develop later in life - senile

    genetics, diet & exercise
  5. osteoclasts, if the level of calcium in the blood is low & vitamin D systhesis (which increases the efficiency of absorption of calcium in the intestines)

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  1. myelobone marrow


  2. osteoclastbone absorbing cell

    breaks down the matrix


  3. stages of ossificationbone formation


  4. osteocytebone absorbing cell

    breaks down the matrix


  5. Factors affecting bone growth (8)1. Diaphysis - shaft
    2. Epiphysis - bulby ends, where muscles attach
    3. Epiphyseal plate or disk - cartilage, plate=still growing, line=stopped growing (white line)
    4. Medullary or marrow cavity - hollow, living bone has marrow
    5. Periosteum - around the bone
    6. Endosteum - lines the cavity, inside
    7. Articular cartilage - covers head & bottom


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