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  1. interstitial growth
  2. parts of long bone (7)
  3. Volkmann's or perforating canals
  4. appositional growth
  5. ossification
  1. a 1. Diaphysis - shaft
    2. Epiphysis - bulby ends, where muscles attach
    3. Epiphyseal plate or disk - cartilage, plate=still growing, line=stopped growing (white line)
    4. Medullary or marrow cavity - hollow, living bone has marrow
    5. Periosteum - around the bone
    6. Endosteum - lines the cavity, inside
    7. Articular cartilage - covers head & bottom
  2. b mainly blood vessels. connect central canals (ex. if one central canal gets clogged then get from here)
  3. c bone formation
  4. d growth in length
  5. e growth in diameter

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  1. cylinder shaped structural unit in compact bone
  2. dimples, osteocyte sits in lacunae
  3. cartilage gets blood flow from surface.
    ossified the ends - so you can walk
    ossified at shaft & cartilage is in between.

    (see slide #16)
  4. bone marrow
  5. curvature of the spine

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  1. calcitonin secretionbone formation


  2. osteoclasts stimulatesbone absorbing cell

    breaks down the matrix


  3. osteoclastbone absorbing cell

    breaks down the matrix


  4. bone tissueconnective tissue
    1. Matrix dominates (calcium, calcium phosphate, sodium...)
    2. Inorganic salt - hydroxyapatite
    calcium phosphate (gives bones hardness)
    3. Organic matrix - protein fibers = gives you flexibility

    Note 1: need both organic and inorganic btw cells.
    Note 2: if calcium phosphate is the only thing in the bones then brittle bones and they shattered.
    Note 3: is only organic then osteoporosis


  5. callusair pocket in the bone


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