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The most common time of abortion due to Equine Rhinopneumonitis Virus (aka Equine Herpes Virus) is:
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The organism picture in the photomicrograph was found in an exudate form a dog's ear. The name of this organism is:The most important cause of scours in piglets is:Escherichia coli (E. coli)Progressive atrophic rhinits in pigs is caused by:Pasturella multocida (P. multiocida)Bovine Viral Diarrhea infection is most common in cattle:6 months to two years of ageIn cattle, horse and people infected with Salmonella spp., shock can be caused by:EndotoxinsWhich of the following diseases causes cerebellar hypoplasia in the kittens if it infects the pregnant queen?Feline parvovirusWhat procedure would be used to obtain cells and organisms from the trachea for laboratory analysis in a case of kennel cough or pneumonia?Trans-tracheal aspirationEquine Herpesvirus can cause three clinically distinct diseases. They are the _______, ________, and _______ forms.Respiratory, abortion, and neurologicLeptospirosis in swine is primarily spread via:Urine and aborted fetusesMatch the organism to the disease it causes: Mannheimia multocida Bovine Herpes-1 Prion Gram positive rod Gram negative rod SpirocheateMannhimia multicodia=Shipping fever Bovine Herpes-1=IBR Prion=Lyme disease G+= Anthrax G-=Salmonellosis Spirocheate=BSEEquine Protozoal Myelitis:The primary lesion associated with pulmonary adenomatosis is:BronchopneumoniaWhich of the following is a vector for Lyme disease?Ixodes pacificusThe bacteria in the micrograph (small blue spots) attached are:Gram positiveEven though many sheep and goats will recover from foot and mouth disease, they are usually destroyed because:They may become carriers of the diseaseWhich of the following are intermediate hosts for the Sarcocytis neurona?Raccoon and skunkWhich of the following diseases can cause abortion in cats?Feline Viral RhinotracheitisA rabies vaccine given to a dog or cat at 16 weeks of age is good for:1 yearWhich of the following white blood cells produce and release antibodies into the vascular system?B lymphocytesWhich of the following is a sign of chronic Erysepelas in pigs?Valvular edocarditisMatch the definition with the term for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE): Etiology Histopathology Transmission Clinical SignsEtiology= prion Histopathology=Progressive neurologic degeneration Transmission= feedstuff infected with scrapies virus Clinical signs= degenerative lesions of the cerebral cortexIn pigs infected with the pseudorabies virus, the age group of pigs that most frequently shows respiratory difficulty are:Weaned pigsWhat can be used to treat the hypoproteinemia caused by Salmonella infection in the horse?PlasmaThe horse in this picture is most likely afflicted with: (horse head being held in air)StranglesWhich of the following is not a sign of Equine Protozoal Myelitis?LaminitisIn 40% of the cases of Potomac Horse Fever, horses will develop:LaminitisRhodococcus equi infection in the horse is acquire via:Inhalation of soil particles carrying the bacteriaThe most common cause of upper respiratory infection in the horse and the cat is:Herpes virusThe parainfluenza virus in cattle causes:Upper respiratory infectionThe most common presentation of Rhodococcus equi infection is:Pulmonary abscessesPotomac Horse Fever is transmitted by:Freshwater insects and freshwater snailsA gram negative rod bacteria that causes abortion in cattle, sheep, and swine is:Bacillius abortusWhich of the following diseases is a zoonotic risk?Anthrax and BSE (Mad Cow Disease)Diagnosis of anthrax is made by:CytologyMatch the diagnostic method with its description: Fluorescent antibody ELISA PCR Cytology CultureFluorescent antibody=Light emitting compound attached to igG ELISA=positive or negative reaction with antigen or antibody PCR=DNA or RNA fingerprint of an organism Cytology=microscopic examination of body fluid Culture= Growth of organism on mediaAn iatrogenic disease is caused by:An idiopathic processThe clinical signs observed with shipping fever are due to:StressWhich of the following organisms are spirochaetes?Leptospira canicola, Clostridium difficileWhich of the following organisms in cattle can cause abortion, balanoposothitits, rhinitis, and mastitis?Bovine Herpes Virus-1The most common route of transmission of FeLV is:Bite woundsThe most important part of treatment of Equine Strangles is:Abscess drainageThe primary route of transmission of Anthrax in cattle is:Inhalation from soilA disease that affects the brain and the spinal cord is called:EncephalomyelitisWhich of the following release antibodies?B lymphocytesSalmonella can cause endotoxic shock in the dog and the horse. The cause of endotoxic shock is:Gram negative bacterial cell wall partsWhich of the following organisms could cause endotoxic shock?SalmonellaIn which of the following diseases are the organisms associated with Peyer's patches?ParatuberculosisTick paralysis in the dog causes:Heart failureThe incubation period for progressive pneumonia is:3 years or moreWhich two of the following organisms are intracellular bacteria that can cause upper respiratory infections in the cat?Mycoplasma and ChlamydiaIn which organ system do cilia function to help prevent infection?RespiratoryWhich of the following diseases is likely to cause dependent limb edema?Equine Viral ArteritisThe proper term for vomiting is:EmesisWhat stage of rabies predominates in the cat?ProdromalWhich of the following diseases are caused by an exotoxin producing bacteria?Tetanus, AnthraxTwo important preventative measures in preventing E. coli scours in pigs are:Providing a dry environment and avoiding fomite contaminationThe causative agent of "Diamond Skin Disease" in swine is:Erysepilothrix rhusiopathiaeInfection with the lentivirus that causes caprine arthritis and encephalitis is acquired via:Ingestion of colostrum or milkDyspnea, head jerk, and excessive recumbency are clinical signs of which of the following diseases in sheep?Progressive pneumoniaWhich of the following diseases causes rhinitis, vaginitis, posthitis, abortion, and newborn death?Canine herpes virusDeath in sheep due to Jaagsiekte disease usually occurs:Over the course of several years (incubation is 6mo. to 3 yrs)Treatment of Salmonellosis with antibiotics is controversial because:It induces a carrier stateYellow discoloration of the mucous membranes is often referred to as ______ or _______.Jaundice and icterusThe signalment refers to the animal's:Age, breed, and sexMatch the term with the organ system: Nephritis Enteritis Encephalitis Osteomyelitis Gastritis KeratisisNephritis=kidney Enteritis=intestine Encephalitis=brain Osteomyelitis=bone Gastritis=stomach Keratisis=corneaNasal turbinate scoring is used in diagnosing the severity of which of the following diseases?Atrophic rhinitisA cat comes into the clinic with copius pleural effusion (fluid in the thoracic cavity, between the lungs and the body wall). The effusion has a very high protein content. What is the most likely etiology?Feline Infectious Peritonitis VirusThe etiology of Transmissible Gastroenteritis in swine is:Corona virusSecretory antibodies are found:In the bloodAn attenuated vaccine is one that:Is living but has changed in cell culture so that it can no longer cause diseaseThe name of the disease in the attached photo is: (hoof with bloody hole in it)Bumble footWhich of the following is a factor in the shipping fever complex in cattle?All of the above: Stress, Parainfluenza virus, aggregation of large numbers of cattle, and herpes virusWhich animal serves as a reservoir for rabies in California?Bats and skunksLeukoencephalitis caused by the lentivirus associated with caprine arthritis and encephalitis is primarily seen in:KidsWhich of the following are signs of vestibular disease?Head tilt, loss of balance, decreased conscious proprioception, vomitingMatch the signs of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome with the age group in which they are seen: Reproductive problems Increased incidence of atrophic rhinitis Respiratory distress Increased mortalityReproductive=Adults Atrophic rhinitis=Growing pigs Respiratory distress=neonatal pigs Mortality=Growing pigsProphylactic antibiotics, bacterin, and toxoid preparations are administered to pigs to reduce the incidence of:Atrophic rhinitisThe most common form of pneumonia in the dog, cat, horse, and cow is:BacterialWhat are the clinical signs of the disease in sheep caused by the Bluetongue virus?Cyanosis of the tongue, high feverThe peritoneal effusion from a cat with FIP will be very high in:ProteinInfection in the sheep with Fusobacterium necrophorum may lead to:Ligament damageIn sheep, the most common clinical presentation of Brucellosis is:EpididymitisThe most common cause of pyoderma in the dog is:Staphylococcus aureusTetanus antitoxin is:A denatured neurotoxinMatch the disease agent with the pathology that it causes Rhabdovirus Parvovirus Bordatella bronchiseptica Adenovirus 1 Herpes virus ParamyxovirusRhabdovirus= Parvovirus=enteritis Bordatella= Adenovirus 1= Herpes virus= Paramyxovirus=bronchopneumoniaCats that test positive for Toxoplasmosis will shed the oocysts for the rest of their lives: true or false?TrueA rare but life-threatening reaction to feline vaccination is:SarcomaQuestion 99How does the tetanus organism gain entry into the horse?Anaerobic woundFeline Immunodeficiency Virus is easily spread by casual contact between cats: true or false?FalseParvovirus can cause which of the following?Fetal mummification in pigs, bloody diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, and feline distemperWhat clinical sign is this horse displaying?EpistaxisFeline parvo virus infection in cats is called Feline panleukopenia because it causes:A low white blood cell countPseudorabies in pre-weaned piglets is a _____ disease caused by a ______ virus.fatal, HerpesDestruction of animals with Foot and Mouth disease is always done because:The disease can be transmitted by aerolized virusDue to the success of vaccination programs, rabies has almost been eradicated from world animal populations (true or false)?FalseCorynebacterium pseudotuberculosis affects sheep and goats causing:PneumoniaThe intermediate host and vector of the causative agent of salmon poisoning in the dog is:Nanophytes Salmincola (snail)Bluetongue in sheep is transmitted by:CulicoidesWhich of the following are NOT susceptible to Foot and Mouth disease?HorseThe most common cause of urinary tract infections in the cat is:E. coliDiarrhea in cattle cause by rotavirus and corona virus is rarely fatal (true or false)?TrueThe most common cause of urinary tract infections in the dog is:E. coliWhich of the following signs are associate with pseudorabies in swine?Paresis, abortion, and respiratory diseaseWhich organism can cause both atrophic rhinitis in swine and tracheobronchitis in the canine?Bordatella bronchisepticaMost cats exposed to the feline leukemia virus will:Develop tumorsMatch the organism with the disease it causesThe quarantine time for dogs who have bitten humans is:10 daysInfectious keratoconjunctivitis in cattle is caused by:Moraxella bovisGentimicin treatment for keratoconjunctivitis is frequentely administered:SubconjunctivelyWhich of the following statements best characterizes foot and mouth disease in sheep and goats?The disease is mild and affects mainly the feetLeptospirosis is transmitted to dogs primarily by:Standing waterOnce phagocytized, neutrophils digest foreign invaders using:CytokinesAntibiotics used to treat strangles in the horse may:Prevent immunity from developing, induce renal failure, and prevent abscess maturationCats are most likely to acquire infections with the Yersinia pestis organism from:Rodent fleasMatch the clinical sign with the disease in the cat- 127Mastitis, chronic lameness, salivation, and severe weight loss are signs of:Johne's diseaseThe most common sign associated with Porcine Parvovirus infection is:Reproductive problemsThe majority of Rhodococcus equi infection are in:Foals less than 8 months old