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adventure holiday
a type of organised holiday in which people do new and exciting things, for example a trek or a safari
to get onto a ship, aircraft, train, or bus
camping holiday
a holiday in which people live in a tent, usually for fun
to do something later than is planned or expected
to control a vehicle so that it moves somewhere
enjoy yourself
to get pleasure from an event or experience
give sbdy a lift
to take somebody somewhere in your car
to choose a route so that a ship, plane, or car can go in a particular direction, especially by using maps or instruments
package holiday
a holiday arranged by a travel company for a fixed price that includes the cost of your hotel and transport, and sometimes meals and entertainment
public holiday
a day when shops, businesses and banks are closed
a period of time that you spend relaxing or sleeping after doing something tiring
sailing holiday
a holiday in which people spend time on a boat or ship that visists different places
seaside holiday resort
a place by the sea where a lot of people go on holiday, usually one with a lot of hotels, beaches and restaurants
skiing holiday
a holiday in which people go skiing or do other winter sports
stay at sbdy's house
to live or remain in somebody's house for a while as a guest or visitor
taxi along (the runway)
when a plane moves on its wheels on the ground
a journey in which you visit several places for pleasure
an occasion when you go somewhere and come back again
working holiday
a holiday during which you work, for example doing unpaid work to benefit the community in which you are staying