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Study guide for The Lady or the Tiger?


Frank Stockton

setting - time

olden times

setting - place

king's public arena


3rd person omniscient




king's arena

protagonist - round or flat


protagonist - dynamic or static


antagonist - round or flat


antagonist - dynamic or static


the princess

like her father, semi-barbaric. beautiful.

the arena

the king uses it to determine whether a person is innocent or guilty through pure chance. he's innocent if he opens the door with the lady and guilty if he opens the door to the tiger.

supporting characters

the king, the courtier, the lady, the tiger


character vs. society, character vs. self

main conflict

the princess tries to decide to send her lover to the tiger or to the lady


the background of the king, arena, princess, and supporting characters

conflict (introduced)

the king finds out about the princess' and courtier's affair

rising action

when the reader learns that the princess knows which door has the tiger and the lady, that the princess hates the lady, and that she doesn't know which to send her lover to


when the youth opens the door

falling action



left to the reader

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