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Seeking a new trial after a court decision.
Courts whose responsibility is to review prior court cases.
Chief Justice
Presiding justice of the Supreme Court.
An area under the jurisdiction of the superior court.
An area under the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals.
Judicial Branch
Branch of government responsible for interpreting the laws.
Area that a court is responsible for.
Limited Jurisdiction
A court with a jurisdiction of only one county.
Magistrate Court
A court with the powers to issue warrants and try minor criminal cases, civil cases for sum of $15,000 or less, and civil disputes.
Probate Court
Court with the power to rule on wills and estates, traffic violations, violations of game and fish laws, grant marriage and firearms licenses, appoint legal guardians, and misdemeanors.
State Court
Court responsible for ruling in misdemeanor cases, preliminary criminal cases hearings, civil cases, and can issue search warrants.
Superior Court
Court responsible for hearing civil and criminal trials, divorce cases, felony cases, and land titles.
Supreme Court
Court responsible for reviewing decisions made in civil or criminal cases, determining the constitutionality of laws, changes to elections, and death sentences.