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In older adult men, anabolic steroids may be prescribed for a deficiency condition. If hypertensive, what might be the cause for an increase in blood pressure?
Increased fluid and sodium retention
Anabolic steroids are analogs of testosterone with increased protein-building effects.
An adult female has been taking prescribed androgens. What result of taking androgens should be included in the client teaching?
Suppression of menstruation
The nurse is caring for a male client with cryptorchidism who is 28 years old and taking testosterone to treat his problem. What statement by this client would lead the nurse to believe that he has understood the teaching?
"My body hair may increase."
A 24-year-old female athlete is using high doses of anabolic steroids to enhance her performance. She may be at risk for which condition?
What is most important to tell the client who will be taking adrenergic blocking drugs for benign prostatic hypertrophy?
Take the medication at the same time each day.
A client has begun treatment for penile erectile dysfunction. What explanation should the nurse provide regarding the primary effect a prescribed phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor will have on this condition?
Blood flow to the penis will be improved
A client with a history of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is seeking androgenic medication treatment for penile erectile dysfunction. What information should the nurse provide the client regarding this therapy?
It increases the risk for prostate cancer
The 22-year-old client tells the nurse he doesn't have trouble obtaining and maintaining an erection but wonders if taking Viagra would improve the sexual experience anyway. What is the nurse's best response?
"The only thing Viagra does is improve blood flow to the penis to make it erect."
A client with a recent history of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) will soon begin treatment with finasteride. Before beginning this course of therapy, the nurse should caution the client to be aware of what potentially adverse effect?
sexual dysfunction
A male clent who uses a transdermal testosterone gel for treatment of his oligospermia applies the medication first thing in the morning and washes it off before bed. What client education is necessary?
Leave the gel on until the next application is due.
What would danazol (Danocrine) be administered to women for?
Decrease symptoms of endometriosis
A young male patient, age 14, has been prescribed testosterone for delayed onset of puberty. Follow-up care includes a visit to the clinic at least every 6 months for ongoing assessment. It will be most important for the nurse to monitor:
Bone Growth
When fluoxymesterone is administered to a 14-year-old male, what is the expected result?
Development of sexual organs
A nurse is caring for a 28-year-old patient who is taking exogenous testosterone for treatment of cryptorchidism. What statement by this patient would lead the nurse to believe that patient teaching has been ineffective?
"My sperm count should increase."
The nurse is instructing the parents of an 11-year-old male who has testosterone deficiency. Which symptom, if found in this child, would cause the discontinuation of this medication?
Enlarged penis
The nurse is assessing a 22-year-old male. What symptoms would indicate that this client may be experiencing androgen deficiency? (Select all that apply.)
Inability to have an erection
Very small testicles
Low sperm count
A teenage client who is using testosterone to treat a hormone deficiency calls the clinic to report acne-like skin eruptions on the face. How should the nurse counsel this client?
Practice frequent and thorough skin cleansing.
When teaching a group of high school students about using anabolic steroids, the nurse would include information that these drugs are classified as which class of controlled substances?
The nurse would instruct a client who is using a transdermal system for testosterone administration to apply a new patch at which frequency?