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________________ ____________ is when there is a difference in the voltage between two ends of a conductor, charge will flow until both ends reach a common potential
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Dry cells, wet cells and generators all provide _________ that allows charges to moveenergyThe potential energy per coulomb of charge available to electrons moving between terminals is called ________voltage_________ does not flow - it creates pressure that causes flowvoltagethick wires = ______ resistancelessshort wires = ______ resistancelessthin wires = ______ resistancemorelong wires = ______ resistancemoreincreased temperature = ______ resistancemoreElectrical resistance is measured in units called _______ohmsOhms law equationI=V/ROhms law equation in unitsAmpere = volt/ohmIt is a ______ not voltage that caused effect of electric shockcurrent___________ is the flow of charge in one directiondirect currentIn ______________ electrons move first in one direction and then in the other directionalternating currentIn North America nearly all AC circuits alternate back and forth at a frequency of__________60 hrzVoltage is normally______ volts120Europe adopted____volts220The current in your home is ________ACThe current in a battery is ________DC_________ is a tiny electronic device that acts as a one-way valve to allow electrical flow in only one directiondiodeA 60W lightbulb is connected to a 12V car battery. When another 60W bulb is connected in parallel with the first bulb, the battery's output energy __________doubles