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Anatomy & Physiology Lab, Book: Allen Epithelial, Connective, Musclar,

Locations of Simple Squamous Epithelium

Blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, alveoli of lungs, glomerular capsules of kidney

Function of Simple Squamous Epithelium in the lungs

Creates shorter distance for diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide

General Function of Simple Squamous Epithelium

Secretion, diffusion, filtration, secretes serous membrane

What type of tissue is found on the walls of kidneys

simple cuboidal epithelia

What type if tissue is found in glands

simple cuboidal epithelia

What is the general functions of simple cuboidal epithelium

Secretion and Absorption

What tissue type lines the stomach and intestines

Simple Columnar Epithelium

What type of tissue lines the uterine tubes

Simple Columnar

What is the general function of simple columnar epithelial

Secretion and Absorption

What type of epithelial makes of the surface of the skin

stratified squamous

What type of epithelia lines the mouth, esophagus, anus and vagina

Stratified Squamous

What function does the stratified squamous epithelial layer provide

Protective barrier

Where can you find stratified squamous epithelial tissue

lines mouth, esophagus, anus, vagina or the surface skin

Transitional tissue lines what structure

Lines the urinary bladder and parts of urethra and urters

What type of tissue has the property of distension

Transional epithelia

What is the function of transitional epithelia

protective barrier
permits distension

This epithelial tissue lines the nasal cavity, trachea and bronchi

Pseudostratified columnar epithelia

What epithelial tissue secretes and moves mucus by ciliary action?

Pseudostratified columnar or simple columnar

The tissue lines the central canal of the spinal cord

Ciliated columnar epithelium

What is the function of endocrine glands

produce hormones that regulate various body activies

What is the function of the exocrine glands

produces sweat, oil, earwax, saliva or digestive enzymes

This gland produces sweat and salivia and some other things. What is it

exocrine gland

This glands products enter the intersitial fluid then diffuse directly into the blood stream

Endocrine glands

This gland secrets into ducts

Exocrine glands

What does keratin do

helps protect skin and underlying tissues from heat, microbes, and chemicals

What is the most abundant primary tissue

connective tissue

What makes of the extracellular matrix

fibers and ground substance

Ground Substance is a compontent of what tissue

Connective tissue

What does ground substance do?

supports cells, binds them together, stores water, provides medium for exchange of substances between blood and cells

Fibers do what for this tissue?

Fibers strengthen and support connective tissue

List the three types of fibers

Collagen, elastin, reticular

Reticular fibers do what for connective tissue?

Provide strength and elasticity

Fibroblasts produce the extracellular matrix for what two connective tissues

Loose and dense connective tissue

The extracellular matrix of cartilage is formed by what ?


Chondroblasts form the ECM for what connective tissue


The osteoblasts form connective tissue for ________-


Bone's extracellular matrix is formed by what


What doe collagen fibers do?

provide strength

what are the three types of loose connective tissue

Areolar, adipose, reticular

What is the most abudant connective tissue

areolar connective tissue

What makes of areolar tissue

fibroblasts, collagen fibers, reticular fibers, elastin fibers, and ground substance

What connective tissue is found beneath all epithelial tissue?

Areolar connective tissue

What organs are bade out of reticular connective tissue

liver, spleen, lymph nodes

The lymph nodes are made of out this connective tissue?


Where do you find adipose connective tissue

under skin and surrounding organs

What tissue makes up the liver and spleen

reticular connective tissue

What tissue provides support for soft organs such as the liver, spleen and lymph nodes

reticular connective tissue

what function does reticular connective tissue have

provides support for soft organs

Areolar tissue provides what function ?

binds epithelium to underlying tissues, allows nutrients to diffuse to epithelial cells

What type of tissue resists pulling forces at attachment

Dense regular connective tissue

This connective tissue resistant pulling forces from different directions and will not tear when stretched

dense irregular

This tissue allows respiratory organs to recoil

elastic connective tissue

Elastic connective tissue is found in what parts of the body

lungs, trachea, bronchi, aorta

Where will you find dense irregular tissue


What tissue forms ligaments

dense regular

Dense regular tissue forms this __________--

ligaments, tendons and aponeruoses

Name the type of connective tissue that provides smooth surfaces for movement of joints, as well as flexibility and support


The ends of long bones are made of what tissue

hyaline cartilage

The nose is made up of what type of cartilage


Hyaline cartilage can be found in what parts of the body

anterior ends of ribs, ends of long bones, parts of nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi and embryonic and fetal skeleton

what is the strongest cartilage


Invertebral disks are made of this type of cartilage


The external ear is made up of this type of tissue

elastic cartilage

what type of cartilage is highly flexible and maintains its shape


The pubic symphysis is made out of what cartilage


what is the general function of fibrocartilage

support and fusion

what are the two classifications of bone

spongy or compact

The epiglottis of larynx is made out of ?

elastic cartilage

what cartilage provides the template for bone formation


Exterior bones are made of this type of bone

compact bone

Name the type of tissue that provides support, protection and stores minerals


Name the four components of blood

plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets

_____________ is part of blood clotting


where will you find platelets

formed element of blood in arteries, capillaries and veins

What do red blood cells do

transport blood gases

What does plasma do in the blood

transports nutrients, blood gases, waste, chemical messengers, blood cells and platelets

What type of cell attacks pathogens and other body invaders

white blood ccells

What is the function of skeletal muscle

moves bones and skin, contractions generate heat

What muscle moves urine

smooth muscle

What part of the body is skeletal muscle found

attaching bones and skin

Where can you look and find cardiac muscle

wall of heart

The walls of the digestive tract are lined with what type of muscle?

smooth muscle

This tissue type contracts and relaxes

Smooth muscle

Smooth muscle is found in what walls of body parts

digestive tract, arteries and veins, urinary tract, instrisic muscles of the eye

Cardiac muscle does what

moves blood throughout the cardiorespiratory system

Lines the mouth and protects underlying tissue in areas subject to abrasion

stratified squamous

Located in the alveoli and provides a short distance for the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide

simple squamous

Forms kidney tubues and is involved in absorption and secretion

simple cuboidal

Lines the nasal cavities

pseudostratified columnar

moves substances over epithelial surfaces

pseudostratified columnar

Forms the mesothelium of the peritoneum and secrets serous fluid

simple squamous

Lines the stomach and its microvilli; increase surface area for absorption and secretion

simple columnar

lines the bladder and ureter and is distensible

transitional epithelial tissue

Contains elastic fibers and is found in the lungs. This tissue allows the lungs to inflate and then return to its orginial shape

elastic connective tissue

Type of connective tissue packed with parallel bundles of collagen fibers and is found in tendons?

dense regular

Has a firm, gelatinous ground substance contain collagen fibers. This tissue is found in the tracheal wall to support and prevent the trachea from collapsing


Type of tissue that cushions and supports epithelia


located in the external ear, auditory tube and epiglottis


has a fluid extracellular matrix used to transport substances thoroughout the body


extracellular matrix has osteons


Tissue that moves food through the digestive tract


controls blood flow through the artiers and veins and controls blood pressure


Moves blood through the heart


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